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Ways To Choose Wireless Gaming Mouse For Big Hands

A Gaming mouse is used with the intention of improving the user’s gaming experience. In this article we will discuss the ways to choose a wireless gaming mouse for big hands.

Gaming mice are being used by almost all of the gamers in the world. It has different features like very enhanced reliability and responsiveness compared to a normal mice.

And options for customization, comfort, and it’s functionality which truly gives the user’s gaming experience a boost.

What Differences a Wireless Gaming Mouse from a Regular Mouse?

The primary difference between a wireless gaming mouse and a normal mice is its dots per inch which is also known as DPI.

The DPI is also responsible for measuring how sensitive a mice is. A normal mice has 1000 DPI or more, while a gaming mouse has 4000 DPI or more.

Also, a gaming mouse with some buttons is specially placed to make gaming easier.

Also, gaming mice have improved sensors, faster and accurate cursor moves, and more comfortable grips compared to normal mice.

It has customizable options and removable weight for the user’s preference. No matter what the playing style of the user is

or how many tricks he/she has up their sleeves, they will need a good and solid gaming mouse to do their absolute best in games.

Advantages of a Wireless Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

There are plenty of improvements when you shift to a wireless mouse from a wired mouse. The first improvement you may see is that you can aim correctly and comfortably.

It is because when you move a wired mice, you have to move the cable too. You may not consider it a problem, but you can only see the benefits after shifting to a wireless mouse.

Also, you’re reducing a cable from your desktop. Using a wireless mouse can open up more room for a portable setup.

In recent years, wireless sensors have become really powerful. The wireless mouse of brands like Logitech and Razer have extremely great response time and pretty good sensors.

When it comes to comfort, a wireless mouse can be very beneficial. Sometimes while playing games, you don’t want to sit at your desk, but you want to sit on your couch.

The range of a wireless mouse is very high, so you can easily use it from anywhere within 10 feet.

But when it comes to price, we can see that a wireless mouse costs more compared to a wired mice.

For example, if we compare the price of a wireless and a wired Razer Viper, the wired version costs $79.99, but the Ultimate version costs $149.99. There isn’t a  standard wireless version of this mice.

What Mouse Should I Get According to my Hand Size?

There are mice in different sizes and different styles. The size and style of the mouse depending on the user as not all the people are the same. There are three categories of a mouse when it comes to Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

The Small mouse is recommended when your hand length is less than 17cm and your hand width is 7.5-8.5cm.

The Medium size is recommended when your hand length is 17-20cm, and your hand width is 8.5-10cm.

At last, the Large size is recommended when your hand length is more than 20cm, and your hand width is 10-11cm.

Recommended Gaming Mouse for All Hands

If you are picking a mouse of Small size, then you should choose Corsair Dark Core RGB. Its design is very high quality and has a lot of functionality.

The sensitivity and responsiveness of this mouse for large hands are top-notch. It also has incredible battery life. But compared to other gaming mice, it doesn’t have that much customizability.

If you are picking a mouse of Medium size, then you should choose Glorious Model O-. This mouse is extremely light-weighted.

For gamers with medium hands, this can be considered one of their best choices. This mouse is made with very durable plastic and in addition to a honeycomb shell.

It includes six buttons on its side and various lighting effects. It has a 6 step DPI adjustability and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

It may not be the most durable mouse, but it is absolutely decent.

At last, if you are picking a mouse of Large size, then you should choose Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse.

This mouse features one of the most advanced sensors that Logitech has ever created. It is extremely comfortable to use.

The DPI of this mouse can go up to 16,000. It increases the overall preciseness you will have while gaming. With the right sensitivity settings, you improve your aim to the next level.

This mouse contains 11 customizable options. The weight of this mouse is 121 grams. This mouse is an absolute beast.

What Mouse is Best for FPS Games?

Improving the user’s gaming experience is the main purpose of a wireless gaming mouse. There are plenty of gaming mice in the market from respected brands, and all of them improve the user’s gameplay by a lot.

A gaming mouse contains a high-end sensor which is heavily essential when it comes to FPS games. There will be absolutely minimum pointer teleportation, shaking, and instability if you use a mouse with a high-end sensor.

It will also improve your general accuracy, smooth mouse movements, and eye-to-hand coordination.

The best for FPS games is Razer DeathAdder V2. It is an extremely well-built mouse, and it is comfortable enough for gamers who have long gaming sessions.

Compared to its previous version, it is lighter in weight and has heavily improved cables. It also has outstanding performance,

and it is extremely difficult to notice any lag or delay while using this because of its low click latency. The CPI range of this mouse is very wide, and it’s also customizable.

Gamers with small hands face a hard time reaching all the buttons for its bulky design if they use a claw or a fingertip grip.

How Many Types of Mouse Grips are There?

There are primarily three forms of mouse grips. These include palm, claw, and tip/fingertip grip. A specified mouse is required for each of the gripping styles for the best outcome.

Your reaction time, agility, and comfort are heavily affected by the way you hold your mouse. Each gripping style has its own pros and cons when it comes to different game genres.

Performance can be heavily increased if the correct gripping style is used in the correct games.

Palm Grip

The palm best claw grip mouse for big hands is the most popular gripping style among the other gripping styles. It is sort of a relaxed grip.

You can perform this grip by laying your palm on your mouse with your thumb and pinky finger touching on the sides.

You can say that this grip functions as an extension of your forearms which improves your stability and control over movement.

But if you are doing repeated movements while using a palm best claw grip mouse for big hands, it can cause fatigue on both of your forearms and shoulders.

This grip also decreases your precision. For games that require long sessions of controlled movements, this grip will be perfect for them.

Gaming mice, which are both longer and wider, are perfect for this gripping style.

 Claw Grip

The claw grip can be performed if you remove the contact of the middle portion of your fingers with the mice.

Only your fingertips and the back portion of your palm remain in contact during this grip. This style allows our fingers to react quickly for more stable and precise actions by applying more pressure grip onto the mice.

This style makes spamming much easier. This is more fatiguing compared to the palm grip. It gets inadequate support from the forearms.

The speed of this gripping style can also compromise a bit of accuracy. Most of the people who use this gripping style prefer mice that are small in size and a bit round.

 Fingertip Grip

The fingertip grip or just simply ‘tip’ grip completely removes the contact of the palm and the mice and only depends on the fingertips to control the movements of the mouse.

We can see people using the tip grip on two occasions: if they have large hands or smaller mice. The grip is very low tension, and it is the loosest compared to the other gripping styles.

This gripping style gives you much more speed and faster mouse million clicks. The problems with this gripping style are that it gives less agility and the inability to use the scroll wheel.

This gripping style is very hard to learn completely. A mouse that is both small in size and light in weight must be used for this grip.

What Mouse Grip do Most Professional Gamers Use?

Among professional sports players, the claw grip is the most common gripping style. This griping’s style gives the user a bit more flexibility and sharper movements.

Players that utilize the claw grip position the mouse with their wrist, which provides them more agility and sharper movements.

This gripping style is popular among FPS players as the wrist aiming allows faster and more agile movements.

The mouse that the players use for this gripping style must be smaller than the mouse used for the palm gripping style. A drawback is that the players who use claw grip are more prone to injuries.

Which Wireless Mouse is Best for Big Hands?

If you ask me this question, I would personally root for the Razer DeathAdder Elite. The DPI of this mouse can go up to 16,000, and it has nine customizable buttons.

This mouse comes with lots of customizability options and both quality and trust from Razer. This mouse is also suitable for all sorts of grips when it comes to players with larger hands.

So, you can use different grips for different types of games. The most suitable grip for this mouse is the palm grip. This mouse is absolutely perfect for almost any individual.

In second place, I will choose the SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming mouse. It comes with a comfortable and large frame with smooth curves.

The switches of this mouse are very durable. Plus, this mouse has a high-end optical sensor. The ergonomic curves help to keep comfort at optimum levels for long gaming sessions.

When it comes to big mice, this mouse is the best overall for both quality and price.

And when it comes to programmable buttons, I will choose Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. This mouse is perfect for those who are a fan of many buttons like me as it comes with 17 programmable buttons.

Almost all actions can be done by only your fingers a few centimeters. It also comes with a custom 16,000 DPI optical sensor and nearly unlimited adjustability of lighting.


The mice which I have mentioned above are absolutely suitable for players with big hands. If you pick whatever mouse from my given list, I hope that you won’t be disappointed.

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