What Is The Best Pubg Mobile Controller

What Is The Best Pubg Mobile Controller?

In this era of mobile gaming, PUBG, Call of Duty, and some other mobile games have gained huge popularity. Due to the enormous development of mobile gaming, gamers can enjoy PUBG with console-quality on their smartphones.

However, the feeling of playing with a controller is much more superior to the usual touch screen control. Of course, a controller will amplify your skills and will ensure huge advantages during the play. So, what is the best Pubg Mobile Controller?

Unfortunately, Pubg Mobile Controller support is not as developed as the COD. Still, we want gamers to have an enhanced gaming experience. That’s why we have highlighted the six best pubg mobile controller support 2021. So, let’s jump in for further details!

Does PubG Mobile Support Bluetooth Controllers? 

Generally, controller support is not suitable for pubg mobile gaming on android or ios. How to enjoy the enhanced features of using a controller? Well, there are many tricks to use controllers with specific devices. Beware that these tricks are not supported officially. So, it can even ban a user’s account in several cases.

For the safest play at first, download the PUBG Mobile PC emulator on the PC. Nowadays, it is best to use Bluestacks or Tencent Gaming Buddy. These apps offer better facilities for input customization. So, a user can easily go for a mouse, keyboard, or modern controller. Such a trick may increase disadvantages for the team at some point as you will fight with other emulator players as well. Especially if other group members are playing on mobile, the situation may turn too hard to deal with.

What Is The Best Pubg Game Controller For Android? 

As we already know, controllers don’t entirely support the pubg mobile. However, several devices can offer effective support when the player is battling the Royal titans. These devices are basically triggered attachments & do not consist of any software component. Thus, they can easily function on both android and iOS. 

Basically, there are two types of controllers, including both clips and the controllers, which can accommodate the phone itself. These controllers can support all types of games, including pubg mobile. They are easier to control, use and maintain than the claw grips.

However, What is the best Pubg Mobile Controller? Choosing a random one won’t improve the scores. That’s why dive in & check our list on the best pubg mobile controller 2021 now!

NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller With Black Fan:

If I have to recommend one controller for pubg mobile, I would suggest going for NOYMI PUBG Trigger Controller With Black Fan. Its overall texture and design are sturdy enough to convey its weight. As this beast controller features a built-in silent fan, players can use this controller to play for long hours. The fan will cool down the phone while players are busy gaming. He can even charge his phone while enjoying the play.

Xbox One Controller:

Xbox One controller is a Bluetooth wireless controller suitable for most PC, Android & IOS. Due to its high compatibility, we consider it the Best ios pubg controller in 2021.

NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller:

Every pubg player out there needs the best pubg mobile controller android app with improved accuracy. NOYMI trigger controller provides what players crave. It comes with a solid structure and ensures a firm as well as sweat-resistant grip. Once a player is used to its key bindings, his overall performance & accuracy will improve tremendously. One of this controller’s most outstanding features is that players can charge their Androids & ios even when they are utilizing the controller.

AK16 Controller for Android Games:

It is a high-quality & sturdy controller which tends to improve overall grip. Due to its tight binds, a player can expect perfect aims & easy kills. However, it’s a fact that this device is relatively expensive. Once you plug in the AK16 controller, you will surely accept that the investment was totally worth it.

Amkette Evo PUBG Mobile Controller With Double Triggers:

When it comes to controlling, comfort is a highly essential factor. Keeping that in mind, the brand Amkette Evo came with a pubg mobile controller with excellent comfort & double triggers. If it’s a high-profile player who spends hours in pubg, he must go for this one. It will protect the hands from ache probably & staining. It features an incredible texture, style, and design, allowing a tight grip & convenient, in-game camera rotation.

HKI PUBG Mobile Joystick:

It’s a simple clip that’s super easy to fit, keep and maintain. Moreover, HKI Joystick is one of the cheapest options out there. Are you looking for the most affordable yet functional controller to enhance the gaming experience? Then this one will certainly be the right choice.

How To Use A PubG Mobile Controller Android?

In terms of installation & adjustments, the clips are super convenient to use. Once a player is done with the clips, he has to alter several settings before dropping to the Erangel or Vikendi. In this context, he has to go to the settings and adjust the control scheme. As a result, the fire buttons will appear under the triggers without any inconvenience.

Firstly enter the settings panel and press the controls on the right to start customization. The control panel will allow the player to organize the buttons on the trigger spot at the top. This panel will also assist in creating new layouts to facilitate convenient switching when players are not utilizing the triggers. After altering all the changes, press save & exit.

Are There Any Chances Of Official Pubg Mobile Controller Support In Future?

Pubg mobile started its journey more than two years ago. Since then, we didn’t get any news about controller support from Tencent, Quantum, or Lightspeed. Tencent added the features of controller support in Call of Duty in 2019. So there might be minor chances of official pubg mobile support in future. For now, in 2021, there is no such indication or update.


Is pubg mobile better with a controller?

Obviously! Once a player starts playing with a controller/ keyboard, he will enter a new dimension of smooth gameplay.Sticking joysticks to the screen enhances the overall accuracy as they are convenient to use without even looking. However, a player must keep in mind that – they will block a remarkable screen section, especially if he is playing on a small screened phone.

Do pubg mobile players use Controllers? 

As we already know, there is no official controller support for pubg mobile.However, many players prefer to use wireless Bluetooth-enabled controllers for smooth gameplay. For fair play, pubg developers ensure that Android emulator players won’t encounter regular mobile pubg players.

Which is the best controller for pubg mobile?

In the modern market of 2021, there are many pubg mobile controllers to enhance the overall gaming experience. Among all, we have considered ‘NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller With Black Fan’ the best pubg mobile controller for its firm grip & silent cooling system. Its built-in fan is specially designed to keep the phone cool during extended & intense gaming periods.

Final Words:

Nowadays pubg mobile games have gained enormous popularity. Many beginners are confused about – Are mobile controllers any good for pubg? What is the best Pubg Mobile Controller? After going through our content, all players have definitely cleared up their confusion. In fact, I believe they have got an idea where to invest. So, did you decide which pubg mobile controller you will purchase to enhance the gaming experience?

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