What is the Best Gaming Phone in 2022

What Is The Best Gaming Phone In 2022

Gaming in mobile phones is the newest and probably one of the most fun trends of today. A new type and category in mobile phones are born that do more than calling and texting.

In other words, Mobile Phone Companies are continuously innovating new technologies to make the gaming phone experience the smoothest.

In 2021, gaming phones are mighty lions, packed with power and features. But the question remains, what is the best gaming phone in 2021?

In the first place, a lot of features like display type, cooling systems, high specs processors, faster storage for reducing the loading time, higher RAM vary the best gaming phone.

In reality, choosing the best or the most powerful gaming phone is quite challenging.

Worry not! We will guide you here on choosing the best gaming phone in 2021 so that the gaming phone shines in your hand. Let’s Check out the full guide to find out!

How will you find the best gaming phone?


First of all, To find out the most powerful gaming phone in 2021, we will discuss several aspects of necessary features that will let us play all the latest and high-end games smoothly.

To make your gaming experience even more satisfying, those features must be necessary for the best phone for gaming under 300 dollars.

Power of Processor


In the background, the Processor is the most vital component of a gaming phone. Nowadays, there are several processor maker brands and dozens of models are available. CPU and GPU are an integrated part of gaming phone performance.

Luckily, the Qualcomm snapdragon 800 series processors are the best ones for gaming and come with powerful GPUs.

Recently, MediaTek dimensity series processors are considered best for gaming too. These processors are well optimized for enhancing gaming performance and giving out the maximum output of a mobile game to users.

The key points of processors performance are –

  • Gaming Phone’s performance is directly related to the processor.
  • The number of cores and Clock Speed are the key factors of a processor.
  • The clock speed of the processor refers to how much speed it operates.
  • Higher clock speed refers to the lesser lag in gaming.


There is some oneplus under 300 dollars price range that comes with high-end processors that are well optimized for gaming.

Display Type


The next difference in gaming phones comes from screen quality.

In general, there are several types of displays available for mobile phones. Like LCD, Oled Display, AMOLED display, IPS ones, TFT panels, etc. But which display is the best for an android gaming phone?

Interestingly, Oled screens offer the whole visual experience for gaming with better viewing angles and faster pixel response rates. Budget gaming phone usually stick with LCDs while high-end gaming phones come with Oled displays.

Not only that, some other vital aspects are necessary for a good display for the best gaming phone, including –



Higher resolution means crispier, sharper, and detailed pictures on the screen. A full HD display of 1080p is the perfect resolution set for the best gaming phone in 2021.

Aspect Ratio


The most common aspect ratio of a display is 16:9. But for a gaming phone the aspect ratio should be adjusted based on the height of the screen to the width. 18:9 aspect ratio is better for gaming. A good aspect ratio will lead to a more pleasant gaming experience.

Size of Screen


As the smartphone evolves, it’s getting bigger and bigger day by day. Today a minimum 5.5 inches screen size is minimum for a gaming phone. While 6 – 6.7 inches are ideal for playing competitive games like call of duty, Clash of clans, PUBG, etc.

Display Protection


Not a truly essential part of a gaming phone, but display protection keeps your gaming phone safe in case of fall. Corning Gorilla Glass is widely used for display protection of gaming phones.

Recently launched Oneplus Nord N10 is one of the best phone under 300 bucks that offers a good display as a budget phone.

Fast Connectivity


A faster wi fi or 5g connectivity is a must necessary for the best gaming phone. With the era of online battle royale games like PUBG, Call of Duty, it’s very much essential for gaming phones to have 5g supports.

On the other hand, dual-band Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connection will give gamers no headache about losing the connection of life and death situations in online MMO games. Besides, faster connectivity will let you stream gaming videos, download games, and listen to songs smoothly.

Considering multiple 5g devices, Which 5G phone is best for gaming? In 2021, Is it OK to buy 5G phone now? Oneplus Nord N10 is the new 5g gaming phone out there and one of the best 5g phones under 300 dollars.

Long-Lasting Battery with Fast Charging


Logically, The heart pump of a gaming phone is the battery. From display to the power consumption of CPU, GPU, Ram almost everything draws juice from the battery.

Playing games for a long session consumes a lot of battery power. For this reason, the ideal battery life should be –

  • 2800 – 3500 mAh – Not suitable for playing long sessions.
  • 3500+ – 4500 mAh – Optimal one, enough for playing long session gaming.
  • 4500+ – 6000 mAh – Currently the best battery capacity range for heavy-load gamers.
  • 6000+ – Not ideal for gaming phones as it becomes bulky, which is bad for long gaming sessions.


In general, Fast charge is an absolute must for gaming phones with a bigger battery capacity nowadays. As technology accelerates day by day, wireless charging becomes more popular for smartphones. Since 2011, Samsung galaxy has become more popular because of wireless charging and flagship specs in their smartphones under 300.

Screen Refresh Rate


In mobile gaming, a new technology drags in, that is, higher refresh rates. Most smartphones out there already have standard 60Hz refresh rates.

While gaming phones of 2021 come with a range of 90Hz – 120Hz displays. Higher refresh rates let the gamers experience the smoothest performance in racing, action, or fast play games.

Furthermore, it’s a great advantage of playing online fps, battle royale-type, and shooting games.

Audio System


A Powerful Processor with an OLED Display obviously makes a great gaming phone but is it truly the best gaming phone of 2021?

Nonetheless, good audio hardware makes a gaming phone the best one with other necessary specs. Not only that, a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack still rocks because it delivers the best in-ear audio while gaming.

Listening to the environment, footsteps, and comrade’s voice is crucial in online battle royale games. Stereo speakers backed by good audio hardware give a good gaming sensation to the gamers. Additionally, Wireless headphones are another choice while gaming.

In 2021, the best phone under 300 bucks also offers good audio hardware support with optimized latency for wired earphones. For example – google pixel 4a 5g.

Cooling System


Every electronic device tends to get hit after a long time of usage. Not to mention, gaming phones also run hot after gaming for a long time. The same goes for video recording using a rear camera too.

An additional cooling fan or built-in cooling fan is a solution for dispersing heat. But the best gaming phones of 2021 use another great cooling system for controlling heating issues.
As technologies advance, a new liquid cooling system solution is much better than a cooling fan solution.

There’s a built-in copper chamber with a tiny bit of liquid inside used to disperse heat and keep the CPU running at normal temp. ASUS Rog Phone, Black Shark from Xiaomi, is a great example of a liquid cooling solution for gaming phones of 2021.

Extra Features to Enhance Gaming and helps you to find the best gaming phone


Gaming on mobile phones is all about the smoothest experience while enjoying the time without worrying about a thing.

To make the gaming experience better, many additional gears and features nowadays are available in the best gaming phones of 2022.

Extra Controller is one of them. Gaming Controller is an additional device that attaches to your phones very easily and gives extra buttons and control support while gaming.

On the other hand, Some gaming phones like the Asus Rog come with a side-mounted USB Type-C charging port so that you can play while the phone is getting charged.

The best tech for under 300 bucks gaming phones comes with some additional features like –

  • Gaming mode
  • Combining two different wi-fi channels for more smooth network support
  • Showing gaming frame per second
  • Game timer, etc.


Note: The pewdiepie gaming phone, a popular streamer, recently launched a new controller for FPS games that greatly controls gaming phones and advantages to gamers.

Power of Random Access Memory (RAM)


Ram is another vital spec that combines with CPU and GPU to give a smooth gaming experience to you. Some high-end online games often require more ram than average games.

Ram helps to process data fast and helps to multitask smoothly. However, gaming phones of 2021 should have more than 6gb of ram because while playing games, you might need to reply to someone via instant messages. More ram will help you to do these tasks without giving any lag to your game.

When selecting the best gaming phones of 2021, there should be at least 4gb of ram available so that you can play games at your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts


Choosing the best gaming phones in 2021 requires a good amount of knowledge and needs to consider many factors.

After reading our article, you got a glimpse of what is the best gaming phone in 2021 and how to choose the best one based on your requirements.

However, not all high-end mobile phones or flagships are not the best gaming phones. A mid-range phone can also be considered a gaming phone if that matches the gaming criteria mentioned above.

Price is not the factor here for choosing a gaming phone; features matter.

We hope you will get your gaming phone very soon and enjoy your time. Good Luck! 🙂

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