What is the best gaming mouse for small hands

What Is The Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands?

The mouse is an integral part of a computer gaming system because it accomplishes navigation, attacking and operating. A gaming mouse would be suitable, accessible and precise in measurement. Then it is possible to enjoy the best experience in gaming. 

Not all users can use more giant gaming mouse because they have small hands. Do they often get confused about what is the best gaming mouse for small hands? 

If you are confused about the ideal gaming mouse for small hands, then you are in the right place now. We will discuss the features and functions of an ideal mouse for small hands.

How Much Is It Important to Get the Right Size Gaming Mouse?

Using a right size gaming mouse is incredibly important because-
⦁ It helps to make a gamer better in performance
⦁ A correct size gaming mouse allows playing for a long time
⦁ It can make the gaming session more enjoyable
⦁ The perfect size will help you for better navigation

The list of best gaming mouse for small hands

⦁ Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
⦁ BENQ ZOWIE EC2-A E-S gaming mouse
⦁ Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse
⦁ Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse
⦁ Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

How To Know What Size Gaming Mouse You Need?

You already know that perfect gaming mouse size is essential for better gaming, but how can you know the ideal size per your hand measurement? Ok, let me break this matter down.

The gaming mouse is mainly divided into three types: small, medium and large. Then the user hand should match with any of these sizes. The hand measurement would be starting from the base of the hand to the tip of the finger. Then measure fingertip and hand base. If the length is less than 6.75 inches, then your hand is small. On the other hand, the hand measurement 7.5 to 85 is known as a giant hand.

On the contrary, 17– 20cm hand length and 8 to 10cm width are considered ideal for using a medium-sized mouse for gaming.

Essential features of a gaming mouse for small hands

Every hardcore gamer knows about the features of a gaming mouse. Features for the tiny, medium, and large mouse are about similar. But a beginner needs to know about these. 

Types of gaming mouse:

Gaming mouse are generally coming into types. For example, there are some specialized mouse like the best fps gaming mouse for small hands, MOBA and MMO for specific computer games. However, most gaming mouse are made for regular gaming. 


As with a regular mouse, gaming mouse can be wired or wireless. Gamers mostly prefer the wired mouse because it doesn’t seem late for any input. However, the wireless gaming mouse for small hands would be best for travel lover gamers.


DPI refers to the sensitivity of a mouse to a pixel on the screen. Although DPI is not so crucial for regular use, it has a significant role in gaming mouse. A higher DPI mouse is much adjustable with your requirement.

Another feature of a gaming mouse is that it has come with some programmable button that isn’t found in a regular mouse. It helps the gamer while playing. And this factor may vary depending on the types of mouse.

Hand comfort is most important in computer gaming. So, a lightweight mouse is easy to move, operate and access while gaming. It will allow you to match your playing style.

Palm Grip:
There have some top gaming mouse for small hands with multiple grips. The palm, fingertip and claw are the grip styles that help to determine the gaming mouse.

A mouse generally has two types of sensors those are laser and optical sensors. There has no significant difference in the accuracy between these two sensors. But recently, most gamers love to use a mouse with an optical sensor. Good to know that the laser sensor can work with glass and transparent components.

Best gaming mouse for small hands are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. Finding out an ideal gaming mouse for the right-handed user is more accessible. But if you are a left-handed user, then it is tricky to figure out a standard one.

One of the great features of a gaming mouse is that it comes with many customizable features. It means you can adjust light settings and programming. While not all gamers like customization, some gamers prefer to customize their game settings with the mouse.

Price range:
Gaming mouse are available in the market within three rice ranges. These are $50, between $50 to $100, and more than $100. So, you can’t expect a tiny hand gaming mouse within $20. However, there has a lot of best gaming mouse under $80.

The Right Way to Use A gaming Mouse

No matter how good you use the mouse, you will not perform good gaming if you do not know the correct method.

If you can use it in the right ways, you will get comfort in hand. Also, know that feeling discomfort with a gaming mouse refers to the wrong using process or wrong size.

So, here are some hand postures and positions for using a gaming mouse for small hands.

⦁ Place the palm with the mouse in the middle of it
⦁ Keep your hand away from the table and mouse
⦁ Be careful so that your hand pressure can distribute on the whole mouse base
⦁ Stretch your fingers always so that these can reach the mouse button
Make sure your finger doesn’t move more than an inch outside the mouse area
⦁ Use the entire wrist to move the mouse
⦁ Never click with extra pressure when using the mouse

How many buttons are too many buttons?

Depending on the type of gaming, the number of mouse buttons should be more or less. For example, an MMO game lover will expect a mouse with 8 to 9 buttons. On the other hand, an FPS gamer expects a mouse with more buttons than 9.

In the case of the intuitive game, you feel convenient with more buttons. So, the button number may be less or more according to your gaming type.

1)   Is a smaller mouse better for gaming?
There is no evidence that small mouse are better for gaming. A more minor is best for miniature hand gamers and those who use a claw grip to improve their experience. Overall, a smaller mouse is more comfortable and effortless than a larger mouse.

2)   Is G502 suitable for small hands?
Yes, the G502 is a good gaming mouse for small hand. It is a worthy addition to the Logitech brand. G502 is compatible with all sizes of hands and grip types. Besides, it comes with excellent built quality, responsive buttons and customizable features.

3)   What mouse is good for my hand size?
You need to know your hand measurement and standard measurement of three types of gaming mouse. Here is a chart of gaming mouse measurements
Hand Length Hand width
  Mouse size

17cm or less
  Up to 8.5cm Small

17– 20cm
Above 20cm
  8 to 10cm
Above 10cm Medium

4)   What is the #1 gaming mouse?
The G502 Light speed mouse of the Logitech brand is considered the #1 gaming mouse. If you want to get all the required advantages of a gaming mouse, Logitech gaming mouse small hands will be best because it has a long-lasting battery and excellent button features. Moreover, it offers multiple grip styles.

Final word:
A perfect size mouse is a blessing for gamers. And small size is always preferable to the gamers because of its quick responsiveness in gaming.

Without a perfect mouse, a gamer can’t get the best experience in gaming. In this case, a tiny hand mouse is designed with excellent button placement, size and weight. If you want to enjoy the best gaming experience, then Small Hands Mouse will be great.

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