Top 7 Best Electric Air Duster for PC

Top 7 Best Electric Air Duster For PC

Computer gadgets are an integral part of your personal or professional workstation that requires proper maintenance to increase its lifespan. And the first condition of proper maintenance is to keep the gadget dust free.

But the manual dust cleaning process is not effective to clean the micro debris from the fine space. Are you bored of cleaning your PC gadgets with a manual system? No worries, the electric air duster comes to deal with all dust and debris efficiently.

Electric air duster is an Eco-friendly device that can blow off the micro dust from your computer gadgets. It is effective, easy to access and affordable than air compressed duster.

In this guide, we will let you know about the top seven best air dusters for PC. As well as, you will get an extensive buying guide and pro tips on dust cleaning with an electric duster. So, let’s know.

Why Do You Need to Use an Electric Air Duster?

“You need to use an electric air duster because it is best in all aspects. For example, the electric duster is safe for computer gadgets and performs great to eliminate dust and debris from gadgets like keyboard, mouse and more. Moreover, it is cheaper and more accessible than another cleaner.”

Our Top Picks

1. Best for customer rating – SIN SHINE Compressed Air Multi-Use Electric Air Duster

It is Budget-friendly, multi using benefits, built-in lighting function and a longer cord.

2. Best for rapid and efficient cleaning – Electric Compressed Air Can Duster

Efficient for smallest debris, fast charging, lightweight, powerful motor

3. Best for computer gadgets – Cordless Air Duster for Keyboard

Nice speed control, 99% dust cleaning, energy-saving and 41000RPM motor power

4. Best for professional use – Reesibi Electric Compressed Air Duster

Unique design, adjustable wind speeds, easy to operate, environment friendly.

5. Best for versatile feature – Air Duster for Computer Medical Equipment

Extensive utilization, detachable nozzle, upgrade features, built-in Led light source

6. Best for overall- Reesibi Cordless Air Duster

Handheld design, easy to operate, a high-frequency motor

7. Best for budget – Cordless Rechargeable Air Blower

It comes with a 10-level strong gale, microscopic dust cleaning, built-in lithium-ion battery, USB charging, extended grip.

Top 7 Best Electric Air Dusters for PC

Varieties of electric air dusters are available based on cleaning components, using sector and price and brand. That is why you may be confused about choosing the right one for your computer gadgets. We have researched several air dusters for personal computer gadgets and found out the top seven best electric air dusters for PC.

1. SIN SHINE Compressed Air Multi-Use Electric Air Duster

SIN SHINE - Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster for Cleaning DustSIN shine is now the best air duster for PC on the market in terms of quality, performance and customer popularity ratings. It is designed to clean computer gadgets, home electronics and hard to reach places of a home. Most importantly, this duster is budget-friendly and safe for gadgets.

Moreover, this multi-use duster is fantastic to clean harder spaces like a laptop keyboard gap beneath the refrigerator, washing machine, and a table fan’s tiny space. A 500-watt motor blower with a built-in lighting function provides the right direction to dark spots.

The complete dimension of SIN shine is ‎6.9 x 5 x 7.8 inches, and the weight is ‎2.86 pounds. This great device you will find in white and black.

Key Benefits:

·       It is compatible with multipurpose use for versatile electronic devices like keyboards, medical accessories, cameras and many more.

·       This electric air blower is less expensive but more efficient and protective than an air compressed duster.

·       SIN shine is designed with a powerful motor that can blow air 27 m/s and 67.5MPH to quickly clean your home and office area.

·       Having a longer 10 feet cord, momentary switch, and automatic turn off button allows easy operation and controlling this air blower.


·       Handy design and lightweight machine

·       Compacted size and easier for carrying

·       Multipurpose using benefits and attractive outlook


·       It has not any warranty offer

·       It creates sound when operating


2. Electric Compressed Air Can Duster

Electric Air Duster, Air Can Duster, Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Air Duster, Electronics Duster, Keyboard Cleaner Air Spray, Rechargeable Electric Air BlowerDo you enjoy using a cordless air compressed duster? Air can is a rechargeable battery-powered electric duster for rapid and efficient cleaning. This tool has shown to be extremely efficient in almost all types of smallest and complex debris cleaning. It is great for home appliances, computer gadgets and car components.

Also, Air Can Duster has surpassed another traditional Duster’s for its premium quality 4000 rpm motor. Is that only? It is respectively fast charging, lightweight and compacted in size. Moreover, it has a powerful 6000mAh Battery.

The dimension of this compressed air duster is 8.03 x 3.66 x 3.15 inches, and its weight is 1.23 pounds. It is available in both black and blue color.

Key Benefits:

·       It is a fast-charging dust cleaning tool that can run at least one hour and forty minutes per charge.

·       The high-powered motor can create added air pressure to eliminate dust and debris more efficiently.

·       It has come with a small but powerful 2.5OZ spray nozzle for strong blowing.


·       Extremely compacted and easy to use

·       No hassle of carrying the cord for this device


·       It can make some loud noises while working

·       Best for long-lasting battery power- Electric Compressed Air Can Duster


3. Cordless Air Duster for Keyboard gadget Cleaning

KOONIE Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Cleaning, 41000 RPM, Stepless Speed Motor, 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered, Type-C Fast Charge, Reusable Duster Replaces Compressed Air CansAre you looking for the best computer duster for keyboard cleaning? Let’s know about an attractive cordless air duster that is designed for 99% dust cleaning. Its attractive design, functionality and benefits will impress you.

Firstly, it offers nice speed control, a rechargeable battery and strong airflow for tiny dust. Secondly, there has a Stepless Speed Mode, detachable nozzle system and standard 7.1 inches size. Besides, a powerful battery and motor increase the performance level of this tool.

The overall dimension of this air duster is 7.48 x 4.02 x 3.07 inches, and the item weight is 14.9 ounces. This tool is made with an orange and black color combination.

Key Benefits:

·       It has 41000RPM motor power that can find out up to 99% dust and debris from hard-to-reach spots.

·       It is an upgraded air duster with step-less speed controlling and air volume functions.

·       A rechargeable battery provides energy for up to three hours working.


·       It is an energy-saving tool that provides energy for three hours

·       Small size and lightweight allow carrying anywhere


·       No notable complained comes about this duster


4. Reesibi Super Power Electric Compressed Air Duster

Reesibi Super Power Electric Compressed Air DusterReesibi is a unique electric best computer air duster for professional use. It is mainly designed for hair Crumbs cleaning. However, you can also use this for your computer gadgets. Although it is a new addition it has gained huge popularity.

Its attractive features include adjustable wind speeds, 3x replaceable filters and buckle-designed nozzles for air outlets as well as. This air duster is ready to deal with your all requirements with maximum safety.

The package measurement of the Reesibi Super air duster is 8.3 x 8 x 6 inches, and the weight is 2.64 pounds. No other color is available except black.

Key Benefits:

·       It has shocking airflow to clean dust from your regular and expensive electronics products like laptops, copy machines, home appliances, and vehicles.

·       It is two multi-functional air dusters with an inflatable nozzle to inflate several spots as per the requirement.

·       Adjustable wind speed allows you to operate this tool as per your need for safe and efficient cleaning.


·       It is safe, durable and handy to operate

·       Environment friendly and money-saving

·       Refund and product replacement system


·       It looks unique, but there is no color variation.


5. Air Duster for Computer Medical Equipment

Air Duster for Computer Medical Equipment Camera CleaningIt is an amazing electric air blower that comes from the Con time manufacturer. If you are seeking a versatile machine for cleaning dust and dirt, this will be great.

This Air Dust is not just cleaning the dust of computer gadgets but can pull out all the dirt from the house appliance like sofa and carpet.

The dimension is ‎7.95 x 4.72 x 1.61 inches, and the weight is ‎1.26 pounds. This tool is black but has a light purple touch.

Key Benefits:

·       Double round and brush nozzle offer extensive utilization in different cases.

·       It comes with two gears for respectively 60 minutes and 40 minutes operating.

·       The detachable nozzle is convenient for the bot to use and to store this tool in little space.

·       It is an upgraded version of the air duster that has come with a 15000mah battery.


·       It has a built-in Led light

·       High powered battery and motor

·       Detachable nozzle in two different sizes


·       The nozzle size is extremely big and can’t provide high pressure.


6. Reesibi Cordless Air Duster

Reesibi Cordless Air Duster Portable Air Blower for Computer with 40000 RPM Improved Motor Electric Compressed Air Duster for Keyboard Laptop PC Camera CleaningIt is a superior air duster from the Reesibi manufacturer compared with the hummingbird because of its high-frequency motor and battery power. Besides, this machine has stronger functions to pull out the dirt, debris and hair from the narrower and tricky spots.

Reesibi has an air inlet design on the back of this tool that provides more efficiency and safety. Also, there is a rotary outlet design and enhanced cleaning power with a 40000 RPM motor.

The dimension of this package is 6.6 x 3.7 x 2.2 inches, and the weight is 15.7 ounces. Do note the product color is black and blue.

Key Benefits:

·       The rotary air outlet design allows rotating this tool automatically up to 120 degrees.

·       It provides ultra-strong airflow with a 40,000 RPM motor.

·       It is excellent to clean dust from households with expensive electronic devices.


·       It is a convenient handheld portable tool

·       Modern and easy to operate style


·       You will encounter loud noises while using it


7. Cordless Rechargeable air Blower for Keyboard Cleaning

Cordless Air Duster Air Keyboard Cleaner Rechargeable Blower for Keyboard CleaningIt is the newest and high-quality air blower for computer gadgets. There are ten levels of strong gale in this tool to clean the microscopic dust. Also, the built-in lithium-ion 7500mAh battery allows running this machine for about 120 minutes.

This device has an extended grip on the handle to ensure user comfort. Also, note that Cordless Rechargeable Air Blower is easy to hold, use and carry. The dimension is 7.87×5.71×2.56, and it is notably lightweight.

Key Benefits:

·       A built-in 7500mAh lithium-ion battery makes this device for prolonged use with one charge.

·       It is compatible with recharging with a USB charging port that is also convenient for travel.

·       It has ten levels of the powerful gale that can deeply clean microscopic dust.


·       USB port charging system makes it easier to recharge

·       Extended gripped handle provide comfort at hand


·       No cons have been found about this product till now.


Buying guide for a Best Electric Air Duster for PC

There are some vital things to consider before buying an ideal air duster so that your investment will be successful. Here we are talking about some important things that will help you to buy an efficient dust cleaner.

Power Source:

Modern electric air dust comes in two ways, corded and cordless. The advantage of corded is that it can be used with direct electricity where there is no problem of battery charge. But corded dusters are not portable, so it isn’t easy to use away from the electric power source.

On the other hand, a cordless air duster is portable and easy to move anywhere. But a cordless battery powered duster is required to charge regularly.


Airflow refers to the air volume that maintains the air duster functions when operating. Do note that airflow is measured with cubic feet per minute, and the airflow is high as your duster is good. For example, an electric air duster with 90 cubic feet per minute is better than an air duster of 70 CFP.


Make sure about the durability of your air duster because it is a good investment that should be prolonged. So, check out the best brands that provide product durability.


Portability is important for an air duster because it is natural to travel several places with your computer gadgets. Without a portable air cleaner device, you can’t ensure the safety of your gadgets.


Your Air Dust will be such that you can easily understand all the functions and using the system. If there is a difficult function, then your investment will be wasted.


Considering the price is important before buying an air duster because everyone has a budget for a product. However, an electric air duster is not too affordable and not too expensive. You can buy a good quality air duster for $100


Make sure about the warranty service before picking up a product. However, if no warranty is offered, check out the customer service and product refund and replacement system.

Some Ultra Tips to Using Electric Dusters

There are some pro tips to ensure your safety during dust cleaning with an electric air duster.

·       Electric duster is a powerful device like another power tool. So, be careful about the electric power source.

·       Keep this tool away from the kids and pets when it is plugged in or not.

·       It will make a loud noise when using it, so be prepared for ear protection.

·       Would you please refrain from using this device on high voltage?

·       Avoid applying much air pressure to clean any gadgets.


Is Dust Bad for Your PC?

Generally, an air duster is not bad for your PC. But excessive use may have an impact on your keyboard button. That means space may be created among the keyboard buttons, which can lead your keyboard to the breakdown. So, if possible, reduce the extra use of Air Duster. It is good to wipe your gadgets with a soft wipe cloth regularly.

How Often Should You Dust Your PC?

It is recommended to clean your PC and gadgets every six to twelve months. However, it is essential to make sure that how long does air duster stay in system? Good to know that heat is the most common enemy of your electronic devices. Without proper cleaning, your PC may get extremely heated with dust and debris. So, clean your PC regularly to reduce the excess heat.

Electric Duster VS Compressed Air Can

An electric air duster is a small device to clean the internal dust of several gadgets, electronics parts and household’s electric machines. And this tool is operated by an electric power source or battery. On the other hand, Compressed air cans are powered by different types of gas.

Final Words:

In the end, we would say that a Best Electric Air Duster for PC is a wonderful device to keep your home, office and working space neat and clean.

We have reviewed the top seven best air dusters popular in the market based on their extraordinary performance. You can check out the list above. And we recommend reading out the buying guide to consider the best air duster.

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