Best Cerwin Vega Speakers Reviews

Top 7 Best Cerwin Vega Speakers Reviews

Yes, Cerwin Vega is a good brand to consider if you are looking for something that offers somewhat the greatest performance. But which Cerwin Vega product to choose?

Well, to answer that question, we spent hours and hours on research to come up with a list of 7 best Cerwin Vega speakers for you!

We considered sound quality, clarity, overall build and some important factors that make a speaker not just good but great.

If you are on the fence about which speaker to buy, these picks can be just the list you are looking for. To further help you out with your decision, we have also prepared a short buying guide.

At a Glance

Cerwin Vega XED683

The XED683 is the best speaker for the price

Cerwin Vega SL-12

The Cerwin Vega SL-12 is the flagship of the SL series

Cerwin Vega SL-5M

The SL-5M is a bookshelf speaker perfect for home theater

Cerwin Vega SL-45C

Quad speakers with a vintage design

Cerwin Vega XLS-215

High-quality tower speaker ideal for home theater

Cerwin Vega H7683

Pair of 3-way system coaxial speakers

Cerwin Vega V465

Robust quality mobile speaker known for its low-resonant basket

Top 7 Best Cerwin Vega Speakers

Cerwin Vega speakers are known for their reliability and great quality, and these particular ones are no different. Below you will find a list of 7 such products that will give you the best of performances.

1. CERWIN VEGA XED693 3-Way Coaxial Speaker Set H746

CERWIN VEGA XED693 6 x 9 Inches 350 Watts Max 3-Way Coaxial Speaker SetThe 1-inch balanced dome tweeter is not too stiff, which means not only does it radiate a wider treble, it also does not sound worn out. With these 3-way speakers, you will be in for a full-quality sound experience. The sounds produced have a frequency ranging from 90 Hz to 18 kHz.

These speakers feature a mica-injected polypropene cone which makes the speaker sturdy while also keeping it light to ensure better frequency response. What makes this speaker so great, other than its affordability, is that this thing is very easy to install.

It has a speaker basket design that does not require you to make speaker holes and results in effortless mounting.

  • Quite affordable 
  • Excellent quality
  • Great performance with clear sound
  • Features rubber surround that boosts durability and cone vibrations
  • May hear some distortion at higher volume

If you are looking for a speaker that will not break your wallet but still offer great sound, this is an excellent option for you.


2. Cerwin-Vega SL-12 3-Way Floor Tower Speaker

Cerwin-Vega SL-12 12" 3-Way Floor Tower SpeakerFirst of all, this thing features a large motor 12” woofer which ensures a punchy bass. The 3-way sound system will provide you with a better sound experience which is something we all look for in audio speakers.

This one here is an excellent home audio speaker that is perfect for blasting your favorite music or watching movies at home.

The sturdy modern design bass reflex cabinet is used to house the 12” woofer. You will definitely be very pleased with how good the sound quality is. It also comes with 1” soft dome tweeter for bass reflex cabinet with a peak sensitivity of 91dB.


  • Sturdy build ensures durability
  • Great quality sound
  • Wide frequency range
  • Top-notch design


  • Takes up a lot of space


Anyone looking for the best Cerwin Vega speakers should definitely check out this home theater speaker.


3. Cerwin-Vega SL-5M 2-Way Bookshelf Pair Speaker

Cerwin-Vega SL-5M 5 1/4" 2-Way Bookshelf SpeakerAt number 3, we have another pair of Vega home audio speakers that has a lot to offer. This is a bookshelf type speaker with a 2.0 surround sound channel configuration.

First things first, with its high-quality build, you can be sure that with some care, this speaker will last you quite a long time. Not only is this thing durable, but it also has a great design that provides the user with superior sound quality.

This thing features a 5 ¼” efficient driver that provides excellent clarity and punch for an issue-free audio experience.

Not just that, it includes a bass reflex cabinet for extended lows. The only thing that might be an issue here is the large size of the speakers. If you are looking for something more compact and smaller, you might want to look elsewhere.


  • Features a 2-way sound system design
  • Produces high-quality sound
  • Efficient 5 ¼” driver offers great clarity and punch
  • Offers an excellent range


  • May be a bit heavy


If you are looking for a pair of speakers that will provide you with top-notch quality sound for a theater-like experience at home, this can be a great option for you.


4. Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Quad 5 ¼” Center Channel Speaker

Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Quad 5 1/4" Center Channel SpeakerThe fourth product on the list is the retro looking SL-45C quad center channel speaker which is known for being one of the best Cerwin Vega speakers available on the market at the moment.  

The 5 ¼ inch drivers provide vocal clarity for a better sound experience. Not just that, this thing even features a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter allows a wide dispersion of high frequencies so that the sound can cover a wider area.

This thing also comes with a removable grille and can be a great addition to your home theater. However, before you make a purchase, do make sure that it is a good fit for your audio setup.


  • Covers a large area
  • Great sound quality
  • Designed to ensure vocal clarity
  • Boasts a nice retro design


  • May be a bit heavy


This is one of the best Cerwin Vega vintage speakers that can be a perfect replacement for your old speakers.


5. Cerwin Vega XLS-215 Dual 15” 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker

 Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Dual 15" 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker If you are looking for good tower speakers for your home theater, then this Cerwin Vega home speaker can be just what you need. First of all, this thing has a very sleek design, and with one look, you will be able to tell how good its quality is. 

It features a 1” soft dome tweeter with Ferro fluid for a wider sound reach. This thing also comes with a 6.5” woofer with fiber impregnated cone. Along with that, it includes a dual 15-inch cast frame with high excursion woofers. Not only that, it even features 250W RMS power handling which means the speaker can easily handle a great deal of power before receiving any damage.

This speaker also offers fuse protection for your convenience. With its all-around great performance, you can be confident that this thing will not let you down.


  • Features 250W RMS
  • Sports a very sleek design
  • Offers fuse protection
  • Sound reaches a wide area


  • Could use some more clarity


All in all, this one is a very popular and well-liked product. This thing is known for being one of the best Cerwin Vega speakers for the performance it offers.


6. CERWIN-Vega Mobile H7683 HED® Series 

 CERWIN-VEGA Mobile H7683 HED(R) Series 3-Way Coaxial Speakers (6" x 8", 360 Watts max)The Cerwin-Vega H7683 comes as a pair of coaxial speakers with a 3-way system design. It is known for being of high value and excellent quality.

This bad boy outputs a maximum of 360 Watts and has good volume. It features stamped-steel vented airflow frames and graphite injected spun cone that is stronger than any poly cone and has greater stability. The speaker also has a nice design that will go with any car look.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this thing is not ideal for shallow mount installation. However, other than that, this particular product does not fall short in any way. 


  • Very loud and clear
  • Excellent quality product
  • 3-way sound system has a greater reach
  • Installation is easy


  • Not the best for shallow mount installation


This pair will provide you with the greatest performance and has everything needed to be the best Cerwin-Vega speakers.


7. Cerwin-Vega V465

 Cerwin-Vega V465 Vega 6.5IN 2WAY Coax SPKR-Set of 2, Black, 15.00in. x 8.10in. x 4.30in. The last, but definitely not the least, product on this list is the Cerwin-Vega V465. This product has been carefully designed to offer robust quality. 

The best thing about this speaker set is its low-resonant speaker basket. Since the basket is made from material that does not add to the vibrations, you will get more sound clarity from the speakers. With its curvilinear cone design, it has an enhanced mid-bass response.

Not just that, this design also ensures off-axis performance, so it is able to easily cover sounds overlapping treble and bass. It also includes speaker grills for your convenience.


  • Super crisp sound
  • Robust quality
  • Very easy to install
  • Quite affordable


  • Not ideal for low frequencies


If you are on the search for the best Cerwin Vega speakers, make sure you check this one out. This thing truly offers the best value for the price.


What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you know all about these products, you may be wondering how you can choose the one that is best suited for you. Well, that is why we have prepared this short buying guide just for you. Below you will find a list of some of the factors that you should look out for when making a purchase.

Build Quality

The very first thing you need to consider is the build quality of the product. If you are investing in a new set of speakers, you will definitely want it to last you quite a long time.

So, make sure the one that you are buying is of high-quality materials so that the speaker is durable and wear and tear-resistant. Not just that, you also need to ensure that the audio equipment is properly installed and attached for longer use.

Size of Speaker

The size of the speaker is another important factor to consider. You will notice that Cerwin Vega speakers come in different shapes and sizes. 

Component speakers tend to be circular, while coaxial ones are more oval. So, you need to think about the size and shape that will easily fit into the mounting location and make your choice accordingly.

Speaker Type

The most important thing that you need to factor in is the type of speaker you want. Is it coaxial or component? Coaxial speakers are rather simple to install, whereas component speakers can be a bit complicated. However, component speakers tend to provide better sound quality compared to coaxial speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Cerwin Vega speakers any good?

Yes, they are. Cerwin Vega is an extremely popular brand when it comes to manufacturing speakers, especially for cars.

2. Are coaxial speakers better than components?

Both of these speaker types have their own pros and cons. While coaxial speakers are easy to install, component speakers tend to offer better sound quality.

3. Do home speakers work in cars?

They normally do; however, they might not provide you with very good results. The type of home speaker that is most likely to fit a car audio system is the high-sensitivity theater speakers.

4. Do coaxial speakers have good bass?

Coaxial speakers tend to have great detail and clarity; however, they do not normally have deep bass. This can sometimes make them fall a bit short in terms of performance.

5. Does Cerwin Vega make Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, they do! Cerwin Vega has a pretty good collection of Bluetooth speakers that offer great performance.

Final Words

All of the products mentioned on this list are some of the best on the market right now. We hope this article will be of help to you and that it will assist you in finding the best Cerwin Vega speakers for yourself.

Before you make a purchase, do make sure to go through our buying guide once more to make sure your chosen product is right for you.

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