Top 5 Best Star Projector

Top 5 Best Star Projector Review In 2022

Are you looking for the best star projector that will give you and your children a magical experience at home? Also, thinking about what is the best star projector to buy?

Fortunately, you are at the right place! A realistic star projector will present you with a sky full of stars and planets under the ceiling of your room. One of the best ways to set the mood, turn the room into a planetarium, and get a good night’s sleep is to get a realistic planetarium projector.

Thanks to our scientists, as technology advances, everyone can easily enjoy mysterious and shining stars at home with a realistic galaxy projector.

Today, from kids and adults to grownups, you can just buy a realistic night sky projector, sleep under the cosmos, and fall asleep while watching the mystery of the universe. Sound’s good, right?

With that in mind, how do you find the most realistic star projector available right now in the market?

Rest Assured! We have tested some of the best home star projector and present here the top 5 best star projector to increase your home decor and optimal atmosphere. Let’s check out!

A Comparison Table of Top 5 Best Star Projector

Product NameColorsLight TypePower SourceShade Material
BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star ProjectorGreen, Blue, GreyLEDCorded ElectricPlastic, Glass
MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for KidsBlackLEDBattery, USB CablePlastic
Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars ProjectorBlackLaserCorded ElectricPlastic, Painted
Night Lights for Kids (Star Projector with Timer) [Honorable Mention]BlackLEDBattery, Power CordPlastic
Laser Star Projector Light LED Night Light Projector [Honorable Mention]BlackLED, LaserUSB Cable, Remote ControllerPlastic

1. BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector

By using a direct diode laser, advanced technology focused on glass optics and holography, BlissLights Sky Lite projects a field of green stars and blue nebula clouds. On the ceiling of the bedroom or walls of your room, this shooting star projector will create intergalactic scenes filled with a mesmerizing atmospheric glow.

Color, Style, and Design

This ceiling star projector comes in multiple colors including stylish green, grey and blue. There is also the option of other versions including Sky Lite 1.0 and Sky Lite 2.0 with variations.

The design of this projector is very handy. Thanks to its design, this shooting star projector can naturally fit on any interior. You can simply carry it on to any room to enjoy the aurora effect of the universe projection.

For whom this Star Projector is designed for

Blisslights Sky lite is specially made for all ages including kids and grownups. The purpose of this realistic galaxy projector is not only to create a soothing environment but also an educational learning module of the universe.

Material & Closure type

The main build material of this projector consists of glass alongside abs plastic. This electric-powered high quality star projector comes with a 3-foot long cable for easy portability. The company provided a 120v adapter for a consistent power supply for enjoying the starry night sky in comfort.


BlissLights Sky Lite is quite different from other projects in the market right now. Not only the shape is different but also the performance lives up to the par top-line star projectors. There are four types of effects available including nebula clouds and stars.

The brightness level of this projector is quite perfect for dark rooms. Additionally, there are three control buttons available on the side to control the motion, brightness level, and On/Off switch. Moreover, the mesmerizing visual effects cover a very wide area.

My experience with BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector

Blisslights sky lite is my favorite one for my kids. My kids simply get asleep on the bed as they stare at the changing patterns of nebula cloud effects. With this projector’s user-friendly interface, I can easily change the room’s ambiance in a second.

Sometimes I change the pattern and sometimes I tilt it to a 90-degree angle for the visual projection on the ceiling. With an automatic function like shutting down after four hours, I leave the projector in my child’s room. As they get asleep while gazing upon the stars and universe.

Moreover, My house power supply runs on 220 Volt. As the projector comes with a 120V – 240V power adapter supplied, it simply adapts my house’s power voltage and seems like there’s no problem running at this volt because the main unit runs off 5 volt.

What I like most about BlissLights Sky Lite

  • The projector comes with adjustable brightness with a user-friendly interface.
  • Its beautiful economic design with beautiful drifting stars is truly mesmerizing.
  • Against the other models, this projector pricing is very attractive and affordable for everyone.
  • It gives a genuine starfield projection with a patented blue nebula effect.
  • Once again, it’s very easy to move around and easy to control the functions.

What could be better?

  • This realistic night sky projector serves its purposes pretty well but there could be more options for enthusiasm.
  • BlissLights Sky Lite is one of the simplest star projectors in the market around but a remote controller would be better for us.

2. MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids

As there are lots of star projectors available in the market, but what do you call a star projector? MOKOQI Star Projector is one of the few of those gifts that kids love to have. With more than blasting Seventeen Colors modes, this super real galaxy projector creates a starry sky filled with stars and moon to help kids go asleep. This star projector is my No 1 gift choice for any babies starting from Age 1.

Color, Style, and Design

MoKOQI uses multiple colors focusing on kids’ choices. There are multiple colors available including black, blue, pink, and white. Moreover, the style of this projector is decor art, which is an art-like design.

The design of this star projector provides a calm environment for children and adults. The projection creates a vivid starry sky with multiple colors to develop children’s creativity and increase curiosity about newer things.

For whom this Star Projector is designed for

Nowadays star projector is a very lucrative product for parents for their children. Additionally, MOKOQI Star Projector is specially designed for kids especially from age One to fourteen years old. It’s a magical star show experience at home for our kids and pretty suitable as birthday gifts for them.

Material & Closure type

The advantage of this star projector is its portability. And its portability comes from the build quality. With a fully plastic build, this star projector is easy to grab and set it up in any room. With a transparent cover for protecting it from dust and making it safe from kids, this projector’s shade material is glass and abs plastic.


When it comes to performance, MOKOQI Star Projector provides the best performance of its caliber. Several modes come with this projector and all of those modes are performance-oriented. From night lamp light show model to flashing mode including blue, green, and red colors makes a mesmerizing star show in a kids bedroom.

This projector has two options available for recharging power – one method is including 4 triple AAA batteries, another one is a USB cable cord power surge. Also, there are four buttons available for changing color, timer, spinning mode, and night light show mode too.

My experience with MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids

I brought this projector for my six years old daughter’s enjoyment. My daughter liked the all-light colors, I mean the full rotating feature most. I liked the timer option and tested it by setting it up for ten minutes while I talked with her at bedtime.

The projection is a little soft on the edge of the ceiling but it’s not a big deal for me. As there are several color choosing options available, it feels like gazing upon a realistic star ceiling projector with different colors of moon and stars.

Personally, I am satisfied with this star projector. My kid enjoys watching the starry sky night projection especially when it is rotating. Moreover, these visual effects give her a relaxing feeling and make her fall asleep. It fulfills what I expected from a good star projector in the market.

What I like the most about MOKOQI Star Projector

  • A perfect surprising gift for kids.
  • With the built-in timer set, it switches off automatically.
  • As there are options for both USB and Battery systems, it’s more practical this way.
  • This best realistic star projector night lamp light show model gives soft, flicker-free light for kids to fall asleep.
  • This fun star projector has lots of variation for the little kids.

What could be better?

  • The build quality of this star projector could be better.
  • Flashing light show mode is a little annoying for kids.

3. Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector

There are so many variations of star projector available in the market but which one is the accurate star projector among all those variations?

To put it differently, Laser Twilight Stars Projector from Can You Imagine Brand is well known for using all-new green laser and holographic technology that will create thousands of twilight stars and clouds by simply putting it on a dark room.

To emphasize, this projector creates a clear night sky effect filled with stars with drifting clouds and mesmerizes everyone, especially younger children, and makes them fall asleep.

Color, Style, and Design

By default laser twilight stars projector comes in black color. But the projector is painted silver to make it more attractive to everyone. The style of this one is quite nice. It’s a robotic star-shaped and weighs lower than 1 pound, very easy to grab and move around.

The design of this projector is quite an attractive one. Especially for space enthusiasts, they will love the star-shaped design of this projector. You can simply swivel up and down the star-shaped head to adjust the projection angle of your choice.

For whom this Star Projector is designed for

Compared to other projectors on the market, this star projector has been built for kids and their parents too. But this projector uses laser technology for projecting stars and clouds on the ceiling or the wall. That’s why it’s better to operate by adults only because it might not be suitable for kids to operate.

Material & Closure type

As we already know, that built material defines a product’s worth and value. So if we look into the material of the Laser Twilight Stars Projector, its build material is plastic backed by painting.

Moreover, this projector is well built and has two glass lenses as closure for laser projection in every direction. These two lenses turn even the largest room into a beautiful sky filled with stars.


As we talk about performance, it’s really great for a star projector. First of all, there are two types of settings for laser projection. One is a clear night sky and another one is drifting clouds filled in the sky projection.

The projection performance of this star projector is very high, it can cover almost any big or small house with its laser. As this projector comes with an AC adapter, it can adapt to any power range and is safe for everyone.

There is an auto shut down feature available with timer settings of four hours. It will save electricity and let kids fall asleep and let them sleep without any disturbance. Also, there’s a switch available at the back of the projector to increase and decrease the brightness of the cloud.

My experience with Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector

As I have tried a couple of other projectors but this one is one of the hands-down the best. Some of the projector’s brightness is so high, it becomes difficult to use at night-light.

Luckily, the laser twilight stars projector’s brightness is moderate even at the highest settings. Additionally, I can simply dim the brightness with the dimmer knob without losing the image of the nebula cloud.

The stars are green-colored and project generic star fields with realistic constellation patterns. Depending on the placement of different rooms, this star projector gives a wide dispersal. The best feature of this projector is probably the movement of stars in complex patterns from a personal perspective.

As the light source is the laser, my suggestion is to avoid looking directly into it otherwise it might hamper eyesight temporarily. That’s why I set up this one in the closet to avoid my children’s contact.

Another thing is the weight of this projector is not much, that’s why my suggestion is to set up in a suitable place without much movement. Overall, Laser Twilight Stars Projector is a good choice for everyone but needs adult supervision.

What I like the most about Laser Twilight Stars Projector

  • Various cloud formations with thousands of stars filled our walls and ceilings are great.
  • Covers a very wide area, even I took mine to church to check coverage and it outshines there too.
  • Easy control and very simple functions.
  • Timer settings are quite useful for a kid’s sleep time.
  • The provided adapter supports a long range of variable voltage.

What could be better?

  • As there are only two colors available, more colors would be a great addition.
  • Build quality is fine but it could be better.

Realistic Star Projector (Honorable Mention)

4. Night Lights for Kids (Star Projector with Timer)

Kids sometimes face trouble falling asleep at bedtime, especially when parents don’t sing a song or recite bedtime stories. For this reason, Night led lights for kids are an excellent solution to let their sleep time become peaceful.

Night lights star projector is specially built for kids. As kids grow and their curiosity increases day by day. From learning about space to enjoying twinkling shining lights, this star projector will beautifully decorate any space onto your ceiling and walls.

There are various options available to bring the stars above into your bedroom and a wide range of colors options available to choose from. With Nine colors that also rotate and several different night light modes, your kid’s room will shine bright enough in the dark.

Powered in two ways, the night lights for kids star projector is compact and portable with four AAA batteries for use outdoors and indoors. For a kid’s sleep time, you can simply power the star projector using a power cord and let them sleep peacefully.

Not only this projector comes with various features, but this star projector is also a great addition to home décor too. You can simply use it as a lamp as there is a cover available and suitable as a gift for kids too.

Night Lights for Kids is our honorable mention because this wonderful projector is a perfect gift for kids especially those who are experiencing symptoms of insomnia. With a timer set and various colorful night sky modes, your children can sleep peacefully and quietly.

Notable Pros

  • Not only does night light for kids come with some great features but it is very much affordable too.
  • Timer set up range is very long. I can set the timer from one minute to nine hundred five minutes, which is huge.
  • Multiple colors modes are available so that kids can never feel bored.
  • For camping outside, there is a hanging dome built in for easy movements outdoors.
  • Two way power-up system is quite handy for fitting anywhere in the house.


  • There is no A/C cable included. As a result, to use on the wall outlet, an additional A/C adapter is necessary.
  • The instruction booklet doesn’t contain all the necessary information to use the star projector.

5. Laser Star Projector Light LED Night Light Projector

Laser Star Projector from Vinkki is our last honorable mention because it’s a complete package for kids. This projector pattern is quite different from others and projects a glittery night sky into our room. As it fills our room with twinkle stars and nebula clouds in water wave patterns.

Coming to the main part, the laser star projector offers three projection effects with colorful gentle water wave patterns. Not only that, this projection pattern creates a smooth atmosphere that will stimulate children to fall asleep quickly.

What’s more, you can control this projector by simply clapping your hands and it will constantly change sounds. Starry stars will dance at your ceiling with the beat of the music and create a party atmosphere.

What is the star projector on TikTok? I will say it’s a Vinkki laser star projector because, with a built in Bluetooth speaker, you can simply change music and the projection lighting pattern using the remote controller. This projector comes with a Bluetooth speaker that can connect with your tablet or phone and make some TikTok’s while enjoying.

Additionally, a twelve meters long-ranged IR remote controller will help you choose projection modes, colors, brightness levels, and speed too. During the kid’s sleep time, you can set a timer by using the remote controller without leaving the bed and can adjust music volume too.

Laser Star Projector from Vinkki is an all-rounder package that comes with various features that kids will like a lot. From integrated music playback system to remote controlling all are real-life useful features for use. Purchasing one for your kids or as a gift will be worth its value as an excellent gift.

Pros of Laser Star Projector

  • The ocean wave pattern of starry stars projection is really excellent.
  • Remote controller comes in handy in most situations.
  • The built in speaker is good for outdoor use.
  • An uncommon feature to control lighting patterns and music by simply clapping hands is quite good.
  • Compact size is easy for moving around and easy to use the functions.


  • Brightness is not enough for day use but works great at night.
  • The remote controller is difficult to use for new users.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Star Projector (Star Projector Buying Guide)

When purchasing something for our beloved kids, we always try to get the best one for them.

Additionally, when it comes to purchasing star projector gifts for someone, we should consider that star projector should have some of the necessary features to consider a good one.

We have compiled a list of some of the necessary features you should consider before purchasing a star projector. As all of those are not a must to have but nice additions to have. Let’s have a look!

Star Projector’s Nature

There are different types of star projectors available in the market. Among them, some of those projectors do not project stars.

Rather those projects have different animal designs like fish, turtles, or duckies. Some of those projections have starry night led lights and have various settings that can alter the projection.

Different Lighting Modes

Lighting modes of star projectors differ in different situations. The purpose of using star projectors is the main reason for different light modes. If you are looking for a party star projector, then its lighting modes will be different from sleep times lighting.

A kid’s sleep time lighting mode should be a steady image and stable one. The speed of color effects also change lighting modes, so consider and decide first for what purpose you are going to purchase a star projector and choose lighting modes based on that.

Build Materials

Building materials is another necessary feature to look at. As we are purchasing star projector for our kids so we have to make sure no harmful material is not used in this star projector. A durable and well-designed star projector tends to last long and remains safe in our kid’s hands.

Some harmful chemicals like phthalates, latex, BPA, or lead should not be built materials for star projectors. Make sure while purchasing your star projector that it is free of those chemicals to make our kids safe and sound.

Reason to Use

As there are various types of star projectors available in the market, you have to choose carefully. If you are getting one for adults then modes will be different and different for kids too. For example – if you want a nighttime star projector to help your kids sleep calmly then get a starry star projector.

We can select various types of star projectors for our kids. In the market, there are some hybrid models available that have different modes for both adults and kids. Choose based on your requirements and necessities.

Power Types

There are two ways to power up star projectors. The first one is a simple plug into a power outlet and another one is to use batteries.

If you are planning to use your projector outside the home then the battery option comes in handy. And if you intended to use only in the home then direct power through electricity is fine. Just make sure to keep the plug line at a safe place from kids’ reach.

Bulb Types

When choosing a star projector, you will get two types of bulb options. Radiant ones and LED ones are two options. Radiant ones are cheaper compared to LED ones. The advantage of LED bulb types – they last longer and shine brighter than radiant ones.

Another uncommon option is laser star projectors but there are few options in this type. Laser technology is quite expensive and not fully safe for kids direct eye contact.

Price Range

A higher price range doesn’t always guarantee the best performance. In the star projector market, you should look for features and reviews of the particular star projector you can going to purchase. Focus on features based on your budget to get the best one against money.

Design and Style

A cute design and stylish one will surely attract your kid’s attention. And for gifting a star projector to someone, always try to get a sleek and stylish star projector.

Built-In Timer

Most of the night light projector comes with auto shut down timer settings. As our kids love to fall asleep while watching stars and cloud shows. When purchasing one, just confirm it has built-in timer settings or not.

Remote Controller

The remote controller unit on a star projector gives you the freedom. You can fall asleep with your baby without manually shutting down or dimming the brightness of the star projector with a single click on the remote.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are star projectors safe?

Ans – Star Projectors are completely safe for kids if supervised properly by guardians.

The beam of star projectors can be harmful to kids if stared for a long time. Naturally, adults should set up the star projectors at a secured place to keep their kids fully safe.

How to make a star projector at home?

Ans – Of course you can make a star projector at home using a DIY star projector template.

But making a star projector at home requires a good knowledge about electronics, how the electrical pieces of stuff wiring works, and much more. With proper guidance and knowledge, you can do it at home.

What is the best galaxy projector to buy?

Ans – Top 5 best Star Projector 2021

  • BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector
  • MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids
  • Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector
  • Night Lights for Kids (Star Projector with Timer)

More Items…

Can I leave my star projector on all night?

And – If you leave your star projector on all night then it will consume a lot of power. In case your star projector has a timer feature then it will automatically shut down after four hours. So you can leave your star projector on all night without any worries.

Final Verdict:

As there are various star projectors available out there, finding the Best galaxy Star Projector requires some guidelines. Here I tried my best to show you the top 5 star projectors that I used personally and found that those projectors are perfectly suitable for your beloved kids.

Among those five best realistic projectors, my personal choice and top pick is BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector for you. The reason for choosing this star projector is the very smooth nebula clouds and green stars effect. It’s mesmerizing for my kids and adults good for their relaxation.

On the other hand, another of my favorite and interesting ones is Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector. It’s a new laser technology and the performance of this star projector is quite different from other ones. Moreover, this star projector covers very wide rooms too.

Last but not the least, an honorable star projector mention from myself is Night Lights for Kids. It’s pretty much affordable and works as a lamp too. Alongside night starlight projection, this projector works as a home décor also.

I hope now you can decide easily which star projector you should get from our suggestions and keep your kids happier and stress-free too at bedtime. Have a nice day!

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