Is Gaming Chair Worth it

Is Gaming Chair Worth It?

If you are a gamer then I wanna say, you’re just in the right place. Most of the gamers understand or face this kind of situation, where you’re sitting on a chair and playing for a long time.

After that, when you move from that chair, your body starts to feel the pain in the back portion. This often happens if you play on a normal chair for too long. That’s why gaming chairs are now so in demand.

But why?  Is Gaming Chair Worth it? What are its features? For what purpose do people choose gaming chairs? Is it really worth the money?

All of the solutions to your inquiries are given in this article to clear your contemplation Shall we start from its basics?

What is a Gaming Chair?

Is Gaming Chair worth it

A gaming chair is a variation of a chair, which is specifically designed for gamers. It provides comfort for those who play games for more than 2-3 hours.

They are very different compared to many office chairs. Most of the gaming chairs include many customizable features for body types, headrests, armrests, and lumbar support which can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.


There are three variations/types of gaming chairs for those who play games on different platforms.

1. PC Gaming Chairs:

These gaming chairs are considered the most popular and well-known. They are fundamentally used by gamers who play on computers. The style of the PC gaming chairs is a bit similar to the office chairs but more customizable, comfortable, and stylish. 

2. Platform Gaming Chairs:

The platform gaming chairs are primarily used by those who play on the console. These chairs are meant to rest on the floor and are extremely efficient for gaming using T.V.

The style of the Platform gaming chairs have similarities with recliner chairs. These chairs provide better back support and footrests compared to the PC gaming chairs. It allows the gamers to relax and kick back during their gaming sessions. 

3. Hybrid Gaming Chairs:

The hybrid gaming chairs contain some characteristics of both PC and Platform gaming chairs. It is considered a genius fusion of two gaming chairs. Sometimes they mount on a swivel base while including both the shape and style of a Platform gaming chair.

This chair combines the advantages of both PC and Platform gaming chairs. This chair is also versatile. Sometimes, this variation of gaming chairs can be a bit confusing to the gamers who only play specific kinds of games.

Differences between a gaming chair and an office chair?

There are various contrasts between a gaming chair and an office chair. A gaming chair comes with a fixed headrest but an office chair requires a separate headrest piece.

Sometimes the backrest of a gaming chair is winged while an office chair is wingless. The seat pan of a gaming chair is a bucket seat and the seat pan of an office chair is flat. 

On a gaming chair, the edge of the seat is slightly raised but in an office chair, it is a sloping edge. The backrest recline level of a gaming chair is always high but the backrest recline level of an office chair is none too high.

For lumbar support, a gaming chair uses a detachable pillow but an office chair uses a fixed, adjustable, or self-adjusting lumbar support.

The armrests on a gaming chair are usually 3D or better and the armrests of an office chair are 2D or better. The design of a gaming chair contains flashy colors and different aesthetics. The design of an office chair has muted colors and styles. 

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

You should use a gaming chair instead of an office chair even if you don’t play games as this chair is also known as foldable gaming chair. Gaming chairs are heavily efficient if you want to decrease your lower back pain.

At present, the custom gaming chairs are mainly modeled after the design of the racing car seats which makes them easy to pick out.

1. A Backrest that supports the whole back portion:

The lion’s share of gaming chairs for people, come with a tall comfortable back. It offers a full package of support for your back, neck area, shoulders, and head. If you suffer from back pain, a tall backrest will be a much better option for you which can support your entire vertebral column. But in the case of office chairs, Most of them are designed only for a lower backrest. 

2. Additional Exterior Neck Pillow:

The gaming seats do accompany an outside neck cushion or pillow which does an amazingly great job by supporting your neck, particularly when you’re in the leaned back position.

This helps your shoulders and upper back to relax. The pillow for the neck support of a gaming seat comfortably fits directly in the cervical spine curve of your neck. This likewise permits you to recline while you are as yet keeping up your spine’s normal arrangement and impartial stance.

3. Backrest Recline Capacity:

The tilting and reclining capacity of a regular gaming chair far exceeds the capacity of a regular office chair. Regular gaming below the price of 100 USD chairs can recline more than 135° and some of them can even exceed 170°.

While an office chair with a medium backrest can only recline about 10°-15°. This amount of reclining capacity of a gaming chair is really effective. It decreases and relieves us from the pressure of the spine

4. Pillow for Lumbar Support:

Usually, gaming chairs available in the Gaming Chair Market, come with an external lumbar seat cushion to support the lower side of your back. Some are more agreeable contrasted with others. 

The lower part of our spine has a characteristic bend or curve towards the internal side. By sitting in one place for quite a while, you can wear out the muscles that are holding the spine in this arrangement. Which drives your body to slouch and bend forward in your seat.

From that point forward, the pressure in the lumbar area develops increasingly more to the point that can make back torment. 

A lumbar pillow supports the muscles by taking off the burden and from the muscles and the lower back. The distance between the lower portion of your and the backrest is fulfilled by the lumbar pad which keeps you away from slouching while side by side playing games or while working.

How can I make my gaming chair more comfortable?

Your ergonomic gaming chair can only make a difference when you change your gaming chair design by knowing the sequence of your comfort and following the below steps. Remember to try them when you first buy your own gaming chair to have the best out of it. 

First, do the height adjustment. When you can put your feet on the ground at a 90° angle with the knees while sitting on your gaming chair, you should know that that’s the perfect height for you. Adjust it well. 

After buying a gaming chair try to experiment with every position on it to know the limits and uses of your gaming chair. 

If you need one, add an extra pillow or more for your comfort. 

If your hands feel slippery, try adding extra Armrest pads for your both hands. 

Though, most of these are not compulsory as quality gaming chairs have all of these features too. But no doubt these steps can make your gaming chair more comfortable than before and give you a better gaming experience. 

Things to look out for when buying a gaming chair? 

When you want to buy your gaming chair, there are a few things you must consider at that time. It’s not like- you went to a chair showroom and tried some chairs and bought one among them. There is an assortment of things to remember while purchasing the best gaming chair. We might want to convey them to you in a sequence. 

Size and comfort: 

Make sure to check the size first which actually fits right with your gaming desk. The size and height should be required by your terms of comfort. In our opinion, Gaming chair for big guys are compatible with average consumers. Just look for the chair which fills your needs and ensures enough space for other gadgets in the gaming corner of your room. 

Compatible with your Gaming System:

If you really are a pro gamer then you must be among them who play different types of games. So, your gaming chair must be compatible with most of the games. So far, the xbox one gaming chair is trending among gamers. Choose your chair by knowing the system of your games. 

Good quality:

The gaming chair must be durable to last for a long time. Gaming seats frequently accompany leather material or fabric material.

If you are among them who likes to eat or drink while playing games, then you should select a leather gaming chair as they are water-resistant and can’t be damaged if you accidentally spill your drink on them. And the fabric material gaming chairs help a gamer not to sweat and feel sticky which the leather chair fails to serve.

Meanwhile, like leather gaming chairs, it can’t be non-smelly if you sweat more often. Though, both have equal star ratings for durability and comfort if you choose perfectly by knowing your use. 

Additional features:

When it comes to the features of the gaming chairs, some chairs offer a Bluetooth connection and a Vibration sensor. Some even offer pockets or storage for cables, controllers, and foods.

A category named RGB gaming chair, contains light feature to enhance the beauty of your gaming setup. You can also select chairs that include an adjustable footrest or adjustable armrest features. So the choice is yours what you need in your gaming chair! 

Gaming chair customization:

You can even customize your own gaming chair by providing the designs to the gaming chair company. The gaming chair which is trending nowadays is the “Pewdiepie Gaming Chair”, his customized gaming chair looks way too cool for any gaming setup.

Though, you can print your favorite games or any favorite character. It will surely look awesome and cool at the same time. You can also select according to your favorite color (purple gaming chair, green gaming chair or maybe black and white gaming chair).

Know your budget: 

Before buying a gaming chair know the features which are provided by the gaming chairs. If you don’t want any specific feature, no need to buy it as you have a limited budget. Sometimes your gaming system doesn’t even need the specialties that some gaming chairs offer.

Our suggestion is to avoid spending extra money on those and just focus on what features you need and which is budget-friendly. Or else you just go with a cheaper gaming chair which offers facilities you really need. Make sure to ensure you pick a gaming seat that merits the cash!

Final Verdict:

I guess now you know why gaming chairs are in demand. Well, we totally agree with you if you find it amazing! It surely is worth it when you know your needs and comfort zone.

Find and customize your gaming chair which matches your gaming desk. Buy multiple gaming chairs and invite your friends to play at your place on these gaming chairs, enjoying the coolest features! So, happy gaming guys. 😀

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