How to use shinecon controller for pubg

How To Use Shinecon Controller For PUBG?

Shinecon is a fantastic wireless remote controller to improve PUBG’s experience. Its ergonomic design is suitable for hands as it is good for fast and stable gaming performance without fatigue. Because of these fantastic features, Shinecon is known as one of the best pubg mobile controllers. 

Moreover, it has an easy to use button and multi-controller function. But the question is how to use Shinecon controller for pubg? 

In this guide, I am discussing the uses of a Shinecon controller for pubg. So, stay with this guide to know the most accessible setting of your Shinecon controller

The process of using a Shinecon with your Android

How to use a controller in pubg mobile? It is such an easier process than you don’t even think. First of all, unbox your Shinecon controller, and you will get a USB cable for charging. Also, a manual guide comes with this Bluetooth controller. 

Step 1:

Connect your android phone with the phone holder that comes with the Shinecon controller. It will help to observe your gaming performance from the mobile phone directly. Then connect one end of the port to the controller and the other end to the mobile phone. Please make sure the red light on the controller’s surface is lit and make sure that it is charging.

Step 2:

you will find the control button in a round shape on the left side on the front surface of the controller. And right there is a power button at the corner of it; the controller has to press it and connect it to the mobile.

Step 3:

In this step, go to the setting function of your mobile and find out the Bluetooth option. Then click on the Bluetooth option and turn on the Bluetooth. After turning on Bluetooth, a text like SC-B04 will appear. So, you wait until then

Step 4: 

Click on the SC-B04 or VR-SHINECON and notice that there is a blue light on the middle point of the controller. If the blue light of the controller starts to blink, then you can make sure that your mobile phone and controller are connected in the right way. 

Step 5:

Your device setting is already complete. So, you can start a game and check if the controller works correctly. So, now you can understand how to play pubg mobile with a controller?

What functions are there in a Shinecon controller?

A controller can play a significant role in making your Pubg game more enjoyable and convenient. However, it is mandatory to know about the functions of a Shinecon Bluetooth controller. So, let’s see what the crucial functions and buttons of a Shinecon controller are. It will help you with how to use a controller for pubg mobile and play like an expert. 

The left-sided functions:                

The right-sided functions:

The middle functions:

  • USB charge port
  • Reset button
  • Mobile holder 


1)   How do I connect my Shinecon controller?

You can connect your Shinecon controller with a mobile Bluetooth function. There is no critical function. You have to turn on the power button and then go to the setting function. After that, if you turn on Bluetooth from the settings and click on sub-b04, it will be connected. 

2)   Can I use a controller for PUBG?

Yes, you can use a controller for the PUBG game. Not only do buttons have the power to control the game from the outside. Also, know that there is no official controller support for this game. You must have to use your mobile phone Bluetooth function and operate the game with the controller. 

3)   Can you get banned for using a controller on PUBG mobile?

Pubg authority doesn’t approve any third-party hardware device like mouse and controller. So, if you use a controller or any other device, you can be off, which is very typical. Even the pubg authority can take legal steps against you. 

Final Words:

That’s the simple process of using a Shinecon controller with an android phone. With this same process, you can connect your iPhone with a Shinecon controller. Although pubg authority doesn’t allow any third-party hardware device for pubg, this controller can enrich your gaming experience.

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