How to use apple watch without iphone

How To Use Apple Watch Without IPhone

How to use apple watch without iPhone!

Suppose you are out of range, or somehow your favorite iPhone is off. What will happen now if you need to use? Can you use the Apple Watch without being connected to your iPhone!

Really, it’s not something impossible; the Apple Watch can do much more things without the help of an iPhone.

We might help you to know more about the things you can do with an Apple Watch, without having an iPhone nearby (with detailed information).

What is an Apple Watch?

The Apple watch is a product of the Apple Inc. This watch falls in the category of smart watches which includes fitness tracking, health related applications and wireless communication.

It is integrated with IOS and other services and products of Apple Inc. The Apple watch is at present one of the most popular and best-selling wearable technology.

How to use an Apple Watch?

its data with the activity apps of the phone and configuring the watch itself. Sometimes it can connect to a Wi-Fi network for some data-related purposes.

Though it can also be used in many other ways, even when the watch is not connected to a phone or any cellular network, like tracking your regular movement, setting up a timer, checking the rate of your pulse, and many more.

You can use it on your wrist comfortably and use it as your phone.

Use an Apple Watch but not an iPhone | How to use apple watch without iPhone

You must be wondering, how come an Apple Watch can be so dependent on an iPhone? You know, Apple watches are specially made for iPhone users though some of the consumers do not have any iPhone.

So why do they buy them? Well, they maybe wanted to use Apple watches as a regular smartwatch or wanted to try pairing up with their smartphones.

 If your question is ” Does an Apple Watch work without an iPhone? “. Then let me clear your thoughts.

Of course, It works without an iPhone when you use that as a normal smartwatch. For example, you surely want to use some features like timer, stopwatch, voice recorder, movement tracker, etc.

To use them you do not have to pair an iPhone with your Apple Watch. So it’s not necessary to use an iPhone if you have an Apple Watch.

But you won’t have a good experience as you can’t set up your Apple Watch to use more features without any iPhone. So judging by its price and features, you will be benefited if you have an iPhone.

Can I set up Apple Watch SE without an iPhone? | Set up an Apple Watch without an iPhone?

One of the newest phones of Apple’s creation is Apple Watch SE. This watch comes with an S5 chip, LTE and non-LTE options, optical heart rate sensor, fall detection, and also a continuously accessible altimeter.

This edition of the Apple Watch is for those who want to get Apple Watch at a cheaper price. Although, it’s worth telling you that like all other Apple Watch series, this edition of the Apple Watch is also not for normal smartphone users.

To set up the initial process, you must have an iPhone. And also like other Apple watches, the ‘SE’ version needs to be connected to a WiFi connection to use the majority amount of features without the iPhone.

So, maybe you are kind of getting what I mean. No iPhone = Less experience of Apple Watch.

Set up Apple Watch for kids

Your school-going kid who you want to give the Apple Watch, maybe you want to have some changes in that watch for your child’s sake. You must be the guardian of that kid in the Family Sharing Group.

 To set it up for your kid, your iPhone, which you want to use to change the settings, should be at a distance of a normal Bluetooth range. Now by using activity apps like the Apple Watch app and Screen Time, you can have the following changes.

  • You can limit the communications.
  • Restrict the watch settings for offensive or vulgar content and privacy.
  • You can set a ‘School-time’ feature to limit some actions of the Apple Watch throughout the school hours of your kid.

 All you have to do is, before giving the Apple Watch to your kid, you have to connect it to your iPhone. The steps are described below:

  • First, try adjusting the watch on your kid’s wrist until it feels comfortable to wear.
  • Press the side button for a few seconds to turn on the watch.
  • Carry your iPhone near the Apple Watch.
  • Tap continue after your iPhone shows the pairing up screen.
  • Click on Set up the watch for a Family Member and again tap continue.
  • And now, to appear the Apple Watch on the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app, position your iPhone properly.
  • The two devices will be paired up. You can change the settings as you need, which are mentioned above.

  After you are done with the changes you made, the Apple Watch is ready for your child.

Apple Watch Phone calls without an iPhone

“Can I really make calls without my iPhone?”, if this question is playing in your mind, maybe the answer is here.

 Yes, technically, it’s possible to make phone calls without having your iPhone nearby the Apple Watch or when your phone is turned off. Your watch must be connected to the WiFi network.

This means, the WiFi network that you used to connect your iPhone in the past, you have to be in the range of that WiFi connection to make calls without the iPhone pairing with the Apple Watch for a second time.

 But first, you’ve to check if your cellular carrier offers the feature of WiFi calling. You can read the manual for help.

You will be able to make a call on Face-Time on your watch when your iPhone is not near. To follow the process of calling using a WiFi connection, your iPhone settings must have some changes.

In the settings, turn on the WiFi Calling For Other Devices, and the eligible devices’ names will appear below Allow Calls On.

Turn the Apple Watch device button on. And yes, it’s now ready to make a call. However, if your iPhone is not with you.

Making a Call :

  1. Now to call someone, just open the Phone app of your watch.
  2. Dial a number or choose it from call logs.
  3. After selecting the contact, Now press the green signed call button to call that person. You can even Face-Time address the person you want to call.

( Remember, you can also make emergency calls on your Apple Watch by connecting to the WiFi network. Just check and confirm that your emergency address is up-to-date. )

Receiving a Call :

If someone calls you on your iPhone that will show in your watches screen for sure. When you know someone is calling

  1. To receive, first adjust your wrist higher on a minimum level to hear the voice of the person.
  2. Now tap the green answer button to talk.

 ( You can talk using the microphone which is already built inside, and even on speaker or you can pair up a Bluetooth headphones device. )

How to use Apple Watch without pairing?

 You left your home for some reason wearing the watch and then you remember you don’t have your iPhone with you. Can you simply use that watch without pairing your phone?

Well, there are many functionalities that depend on an iPhone to be paired up. But still, you can enjoy some of the features which are listed below:

  • You can track your daily movements and workouts for health and fitness purposes.
  • You can enjoy to stream music from a synced playlist and even can hear audio books and podcasts.
  • You can use the time features like world clock, alarm, timer, calendar, stopwatch, etc.
  • You can view photos from a synced photo album.
  • Can record your voice and play them.
  • You can measure the sound levels around you.

There are even more such features you can use by connecting your Apple Watch with a set up cellular connection, which means a WiFi network.

If you’ve connected previously using your iPhone you do not need to pair it a second time to use a WiFi connection because it remains accessible after using once.

That means you can still use these below features if you’re away from your iPhone or even when it’s turned off.

  • You can send and receive messages.
  • Can make phone calls and also receive them.
  • You can get activity apps directly from the App Store of the watch.
  • You can make store purchases by using the Apple Pay app on your watch.
  • You can use Walkies-talkie.
  • Also, you can receive notifications and check present weather conditions.

Does the Apple Watch work with Android?

For the popularity of the Apple Watch, anyone would want to pair their devices with it. Android users might be wondering if they can pair smartphones with Apple’s watch.

But, it’s a NO. In simple words, they are not going to work together. They cannot get paired together as Apple watches are specially made for iPhones only.

 If you still want to give it a try, you may technically use it with an Android phone but you have to face many difficulties which are not even worth it for maximum users of the Apple Watch.

Still, want to experience it? You need an iPhone, to begin with, however.

The issues/problems of pairing Androids with Apple Watch

You must have an iPhone with you for setting up the initial process of pairing the Android phone with your Apple watch, as they cannot get paired without any support.

You have to connect your iPhone first. If you do not have access with an iPhone, sorry but you can’t even get started with your Apple Watch.

A smartphone user can be allowed to use an Apple Watch through Family Share by a LTE supported Apple Watch model which can be paired up with someone else’s iPhone.

Overall, the smartphone users will have a taste of reduced experience because of the services and supporting apps needed to pair with iPhone.


Nowadays, Apple Watches are more likely used as fashionable wrist smartwatches. It comes with a lot of designs and the bands are luxurious, comfortable, and cool at the time.

It works well for the users if their iPhone is not with them or left behind somewhere. We suggest you should know the features of the watch before buying.

Our personal opinion about the watch is, it’s too good and the designs, packaging, materials and overall attracts more people to get one of these watches.

And of course, it’s a capable product for showing off. It goes well with its price. Even the SE edition which costs lower than other Apple Watches is also worthy and gives great service to the users.

 But wait, if you don’t have an iPhone maybe your feedback won’t match with our opinion. Though it’ll still give you the minimum service how to use apple watch without iPhone that you want and you can also have the pride of showing someone your Apple Watch.

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