How to Play Pubg Mobile with Controller

How To Play Pubg Mobile With Controller

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG Mobile) is one of the hottest and most playing battle royale games on android and iOS since 2017.

As the popularity of PUBG and game-play fun keep increasing day by day, gamers nowadays are searching for controller supports for a better gaming experience.

So, Does PUBG Mobile have controller support? Alas! Tencent Game doesn’t officially support Controller to PUBG. Although there is some bluetooth controller available but the problem is – buttons wouldn’t work with pubg control mapping properly.

Therefore, how to play pubg mobile with controller? Which controller is best for PUBG mobile? Even there is no official support from Tencent Games for the pubg controller but there are still ways to play pubg mobile with controllers.

In this guide, we will show you how to dominate your battle royale game PUBG Mobile with some of the best pubg mobile controller available in the market right now. Stay focused to grab the methods!

Best PUBG Mobile Controllers with Key Mapper Apps


How to use a controller on pubg mobile?

To start with, there are already several best pubg joystick available in the market. Using those joysticks you can play PUBG on mobile by simply connecting via USB-C cable or Bluetooth.

To add with, another necessary additional step is required for playing pubg using controllers. And that is a pubg mobile controller setup using a key mapper app. Pubg mobile controller support various key mapping apps available online.

Although there are pre-assigned configurations available, still everyone’s key mapping is different. Customize your controller’s buttons with your in-game controls before playing PUBG Mobile.

How do I use a controller on PUBG Mobile 2021? To play PUBG mobile on various mobile devices with a controller on different operating systems like android, IOS, or PC, there are several key mapping apps available. Those are –

For Android Devices

Keymapping apps like Panda GamePad Pro and Octopus supports pubg mobile controller android. Currently, those two are the best key mapping apps available on google play for android devices.

For IOS Devices

Kepmapping apps on the IOS store are mostly outdated. The good news is – ShootingPlus V3 still updates and supports pubg mobile controller pubg mobile controller ios. When you connect the controller with your apple phone, this keymapping app will automatically detect the configurations.

For PC

To play PUBG on a PC using a controller, you have to simply install the emulators and install the PUBG mobile on the emulator.

Bluestacks or Memu are currently the most popular ones for playing pubg on pc using mouse and keyboard. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official emulator for playing PUBG mobile on pc.

Almost every controller will automatically be detected by emulators when you connect to pc.

One disadvantage of playing on emulators is you will be matched with emulator players only.

Top PUBG Mobile Controllers of 2021

Which controller is best for PUBG mobile? Not a single controller is the allrounder for all mobile devices for playing pubg mobile.

The truth is there are already several mobile game controllers available in the market. Whether your mobile is an android phone or an IOS phone, you can choose the best controller for pubg mobile easily based on your requirements from our Top PUBG Controllers of 2021 list.

GameSir G6 Mobile Gaming Touchroller

This controller combines your touch screen controls with the left-side controller buttons. An ultra-thin 3D design with 10 configurable buttons will let you easily control movements, jumping, aiming, and combo attacks.

With Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection and G-touch technology, this controller is one of the best pubg controllers of android smartphones.

However, one downside of this controller is – you can not use a phone cover while using this controller for playing Pubg Mobile.

Glap Play p/1 Dual Shock Wireless Game Controller

Another name of the glap play game controller is the Samsung gaming pad. This controller turns your android smartphone into a portable handheld gaming console like a Nintendo switch.

The big advantage of the glap wireless game controller is it supports up to a 7.5-inches display touch screen and provides a good grip on your smartphone.

Not only that, but left-handed players can use it easily for user-friendly buttons and design. With good design, this controller also enhances pubg background music into high quality sound.

Rotor Riot Mfi Certified Gamepad Controller

This wired controller is one of the best IOS gamepad controllers to play games without any lag, blur, or skips. The only mFi certified controller for IOS devices that offers the smoothest pubg gaming.

Being a full-sized controller, this one looks like an Xbox Controller in design. By playing pubg mobile, you can play 1000 compatible games with this device.

This controller is somewhat portable but it does not support touching the display while playing using this controller.

XBOX Controller

Xbox controller is one of the best solutions for playing Pubg mobile on pc using emulators. Using this controller will give you a powerful gaming advantage while playing pubg mobile.

Xbox controller has solid hardware built quality and gives an advantage of playing from a long distance. The Bluetooth connectivity is very strong and doesn’t give any lag or problems while playing pubg matches. Xbox Controller is super simple to connect and comes with the best pubg mobile controller layout by default, just plug and play.

PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller is another much loved and popular one for playing multiple games including pubg mobile among gamers.

Because of this controller’s responsiveness and durability, it’s getting popular day by day.

So, how to play pubg mobile with ps4 controller? Playing pubg with a ps4 controller is a pretty straightforward process. Simply connect the controller with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you are good to go.

But for a first-time connection, you might have to use a USB OTG cable to configure a bluetooth connection with your phone. For those who want hassle-free pubg gaming with controllers, the ps4 controller is perfect for them.

Another advantage of the PS4 controller, it comes with presets that are one of the best controller settings for pubg.

Advantages of Pubg Mobile Controllers

As we discussed how to use controller on pubg mobile and How do you play PUBG with a controller?

But in reality, are there any benefits or advantages of using pubg mobile controllers? The truth is – Yes! Although the advantages are not really out of the world, still it gives some head start to gamers in this battle royale game. For example –


Playing with controllers not only increases your confidence but also improves your performance in this game gradually. As a result, when exchanging fire with enemy teams, your nerves remain calm.


Playing with a joystick gives you the advantage of accurate shooting with fire buttons in the game. For this reason, your muscle memory improves and finger accuracy too.


Not every gamer’s hand size or fingers are the same size. Using a game controller will let you customize your key mapping the way you want.

Therefore, you can enjoy your battle royale pubg matches to your heart’s content.


As PUBG mobile is a powerful battle royale game with lots of competition, using a controller certainly gives gamers some advantages.

For this reason, we explained here how to play PUBG Mobile with controller using different methods for various types of smartphones and pcs.

However, playing PUBG mobile with a controller certainly improves the gaming experience but some of the third-party software might lead to a temporary or permanent ban for using a controller with unauthorized apps.

That’s why, our suggestion is while focusing on gaming fun, kindly research before installing any application that might hamper PUBG TOS.

If you still have questions like how to use a controller for pubg mobile, don’t hesitate to knock us.

Happy PUBG Mobile gaming with controllers and Stay Cautious. Good Luck!

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