How to Make a Realistic Star Projector

How To Make A Realistic Star Projector

Star project is a DIY process to decorate a room ceiling with artificial star reflection. Are you interested in astronomy and love to get an exciting room environment with bright stars? Then you must want to learn how to make a realistic star projector?

The Star Project is a very interesting way to create a natural beauty in the house’s interior and a picture of flowers, leaves, or animals.

In this guide, we will tell you some simple steps today so that you can understand how to make a realistic star projector at home. Are you excited to know what? Then let’s start now.

The step-by-step processes for a DIY star projector

There are many types of Ray-Made Star projects available in the market, but the best one is DIY because it allows you to customize a star project as per your taste and budget.

For example, controlling the light intensity, making unique designs, and adding the number of stars is in your hand.

Some powerful LED lights are essential for brightness, and you can use oatmeal cylinders, cardboard boxes or other appropriate structures on how to make a homemade star projector.

Arrange required materials:

The first task is to arrange all essential materials for the DIY project. Once you have everything in order, you don’t have to worry about creating a star project. Here we add a list of essential ingredients.

  • A straight edge ruler
  • A roller tapes
  • A cutting blade
  • Two different scissors
  • 0.14cm PVC pipe
  • Some Wires
  • Flashlight
  • 16″ × 24″ soda can 
  • Pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • A battery packs
  • 1 meter LED strip 
  • Soldering iron

Basic procedure:

It is important to take some general preparation before creating a star project that is convenient for you. It is easier to use a print-less soda can, cardboard box or own making constellation.

·       Do note that pins are used to make punctures on the cardboard box.

·       Get some constellation ideas from the internet and draw them on a soda can or cardboard.

·       Use tape to hold the constellation design on the can surface.

·       After then make punctures on the can as per the design.

·       Remember to use a smaller pin for smaller stars and larger pins for larger stars.

·       Then remove the constellation design from the can surface.

Light source preparing:

How to make a projector with a light bulb ? When the artificial stars are ready, the task is to prepare the light source. That means you have to use a light source from which all the LED light will attach. Torch lights or any other large over-illuminated light source will work well.

However, another alternative way is to make your light source. For this, take a one-meter LED strip and 0.14cm PVC pipe and make sure that these can perfectly fit inside the box. 

Firstly, wrap up the LED strip with a 0.14 cm pipe. After that, connect all of the wires with the battery power connection. At the last step, connect the circuit with the LED lights.

How to Fit the Star Projector Together

In the case of a soda can, firstly, cut the bottom of the can in a round shape. Use the sharp cutting blade to cut the round bottom, as we mentioned above.

On the contrary, if you choose a cardboard box for the star project, cut it as a 6 x 8 inches square shape. Remember to use sharp scissors and cut the box bottom at a straight edge.

Since using a box is easier for the star project, we discuss the project with a cardboard box. Here are the steps.

Step 1:

Cut the box bottom with sharp scissors. Use effective glue to attach the five pieces of square shape surface. 

Step 2:

After attaching all parts, keep one side of the box open and then use tape to cover all corners so that unexpected light can’t enter the box.

Step 3:

In this step, make a hole on the sixth square to attach the star project with the light source. In the meantime, remember that you can cut out under the soda can.

Step 4:

This time connect the light source to the specific hole, a box or a soda can. Use a good amount of glue around the light source to keep it straight.

Step 5:

If you use a torchlight, then be careful to connect correctly. And keep a system so that you can take off the old battery anytime.

Besides, you can use an LED strip for the main light source. In this case, it is good to set up the battery outside the box that is helpful for easier access.

Step 6:

Now, close the bottom part of the box or soda can because you have already completed the star project task. After that, apply glue around the bottom of the box and ensure that light can’t come from outside. 

Final step:

Place your star projector box at a specific station. When it gets dark at night, turn on your projector and enjoy a pleasant night sky with bright stars.

How does the star projector work?

Star projector came first in the 1900s. At that time, they were also called planetariums that mainly worked like pinhole cameras.

The mechanism is that a light source is trapped inside the sealed enclosure that can come out only with some star-shaped small holes. Due to star-shaped holes, the light will look like stars. 

Moreover, a star projector is a great medium to make your space natural and fascinating. Sometimes, the best star projector is very organized, and sometimes, it would be random.

Good to know that DIY star projects also work like this process. Most importantly, you can make your star project at home that works great.

The benefits of a star project to enlightened a room

A starlight projector is helpful for both adults and children. Some parents are using it to take a child to sleep. Besides, kids get a lot of pleasure from seeing a star project.

You can see a wide range of stars on your ceiling. Overall, a star projector can turn your ordinary room into extraordinary. Here are some crucial benefits of a star projector.  

Entertaining visual stimulants:

Star projector is used for an enlightening and visual stimulant purpose. It will calm your eyes when you take a rest. After a long-tired day, you will get entertainment from your star projector


If you are bored with your old bedroom to see the regular look day after day? Then a star projector is a great solution to decorate the room. It is a light and pleasant way to make the room natural and aesthetic. Moreover, it is great for child’s room decoration. 

Education tool for toddlers:

It would be educational for your kids and toddlers because they can learn a lot from this device. They will get interested in the universe and God’s beautiful creation.

Besides, they will learn about astronomy. So, you can improve a child’s mental health and widen their imagination. As a result, you can make them creative.

Romantic night booster:

A star projector would be a nice night booster on versatile occasions. For example, you can enjoy your anniversary, birthday and another festival with this amazing nightlight. Overall, a small star project can make your night special with your favorite person. 


1)   How do you project a star?

How to make a star light projector? There are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for the star project. Secondly, make a light source for the projector.

Finally, connect both the projector box and light source. In short, prepare the design of your star project as per your taste and requirements.

2)   Is there a mobile application to project stars?

Yes, there are some free apps to project from the ceiling. You will get free versions of iSky, Google Sky and Star Chart available on android devices.

This app will work when you focus your phone on the sky. You will also see a reflection if you focus on the space you like.

3)   How are night lights made?

Modern nightlights design has come from LED (light-emitting diodes). So, there is a mechanism in the LED nightlight. Two electrons are jumping between a gap of two different materials. And some light scattered during the electrons jumping. As a result, LED lights use little energy to provide brightness. 

4)   Are star projectors worth it?

Yes, a star projector is exceptionally worth decorating your room at night. Besides, it is a portable planetarium box that you can carry with you when traveling. This projector always reminds you about the calm, beautiful sky full of stars.

Final Words:

Star project is an amazing way to make the adults and kids of your home happier. Especially, it has versatile benefits to make life enjoyable.There is a wide range of ready-built star projects, but you can do your project with little labor and cost. We have already mentioned the above simple steps. I hope you can understand how to make a realistic star project.

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