How To Hang Speakers From Ceiling

How To Hang Speakers From Ceiling? Facile Tactics

There are lots of speakers that you will love to install in your home. Especially the home theater system or your computer. Using these speakers, you can decorate the room and enjoy the sound.

But do you know the tactics of how to hang speakers from the ceiling? For a better sound experience, you need to know the system to hang the speakers from the ceiling. 

Whoever loves to watch TV with a better sound system and wants to enjoy the home theater system should read this content. Because here you will help to learn easy tactics of hanging speakers from the ceiling. 

How To Hang Speakers From Ceiling?

You can hang the speakers in your room wherever you want. But for perfect fun and sound, you should choose the right place. 

Mounting speakers on the ceiling or mounting speakers on the wall are the best positions. After that, now you should know the methods and mount speakers on the wall or ceiling. 

What Are Ceiling Speakers? 

Ceiling speakers don’t have built-in amplifiers and don’t attain their energy through speaker wire. 

They run from an exterior amplifier. So it can be said that ceiling speakers are slothful speakers.

Facile tactics

To install ceiling speakers nicely, you should follow some tactics. So the facile, or you can say easy tactics, are given below step by step.

Get The Mounts

Step-1# Choose The Position 

First, you have to choose the position of your speakers for satisfactory sound. There are some rules that experts instruct when organizing speakers. 

  • Never set the speakers in a corner and install all the speakers at least one ft from the walls.
  • Arrange speakers in a balanced format and put speakers at a similar length as your ears for surround sound.
  • The left and the right stereo speakers should be bent inwards, confronting the center of your settee.
Step-2# Know The Weight Of Speakers

After choosing the place now it is the next step to know the approximate weight of the speakers before purchasing the ceiling speaker mounts

Mounts rate for wall speakers or hanging speakers are 2.3 kg or increasing. So you can estimate the weight if needed.

  • Use the bathroom scale to assume the weight if you are uncertain.
  • Buy the mounts that are measured to keep up the weight of the speakers or heavier speakers.
  • For perfect measurement, if your speaker’s weight is 5.9 kg, you can buy mounts rated at 6.8 kg or 9.1 kg.
Step-3# Purchase The Mounts For Each Speaker

Speaker mounts can be found in any electronic stores, hardware stores, audio or video specialty stores, and online stores. 

Buy mounts that are specially designed for hanging from the ceiling. And also, search for mounts that let the speakers be bent downwards. So the sound can be directed at the couch.

  • Most of the mounts are black. So the mounts may approximate the color of the speakers.
  • Some mounts also come in white that may confront them harmonizing into the ceiling.

Attaching Mounts To The Ceiling 

Step-1# Find The Ceiling Joists

You can’t hang the speakers from the ceiling drywall. You can only hang speakers from a ceiling joist as the speakers will be too heavy. 

Using an electronic stud finder to determine the exact location and mark the joists through the ceiling drywall.

  • Repeat this step in each room that you prefer to hang a speaker.
  • Small flexible speakers that are very light and less than 0.45 kg are one anomaly to this requirement.
  • Lightweight speakers can be hung from the drywall only with the use of drywall actions.
Step-2# Hold The Ceiling Plate And Mark Pilot Holes

To set the speaker mounts to the ceiling, hold the ceiling plates in a certain position. 

Mark the position with a pencil where each screw requires to go into the ceiling. Before drilling the pilot holes, remove the ceiling plate.

  • You may need a ladder or step equipment to reach the ceiling easily and safely. 
  • When installing the speaker mounts, try to avoid standing on your furniture.
Step-3# Drill Pilot Holes For Each Screw Required 

Drill pilot holes for each screw on the marked position with a pencil. If you use 12 wood screws, use a 0.32 cm drill bit. 

And drill pilot holes that go through the drywall and into the wood of the ceiling joist. This step will secure the wood screws into the ceiling so much simpler.

  • If you don’t have a power drill, you can rent one from the hardware store or home improvement store.
  • Don’t forget to wear a safety glass to protect your eyes from falling debris.
  • Then secure the ceiling plate with wood screws.

Securing The Mounts To Speakers

Step-1# Select The Attachment Method 

Every speaker mount may require a slightly different system to attach it with speakers. So just follow the instructions given by manufacturers. 

Sometimes the speaker may appear with a pre-drilled hole on the back. That’s particularly formulated to connect the mount. 

And sometimes, it may require drilling two holes in the back of the speaker to connect the mount.

Step-2# Attach The Mount Arm

First, remove the speaker plate from the mounting arm. Follow the instructions given by manufacturers to define if this step is needed.

Put at the edge of the mounting arm into the hole on the rear of the speaker. Tighten the nut that secures the arm to the speakers with the use of a wrench.

  • To loosen the nut for pulling out the mount arm from the speaker plate needs a wrench so the arm can be pulled out of the plate.
Step-3# Secure The Speaker Plate To The Back of Speakers

Now to the speaker’s back, hold the speaker plate to line up the newly drilled holes with the plate holes. 

Then put in the needed screws with the help of a screwdriver or a power drill and secure the screws into the speaker.

Hanging The Speakers With The Mounts

Now finally it is time to hang the speakers to the mount. 

  • If the end of the mount arm is ball shaft attached, then it needs to be pushed back into the socket joint on the ceiling plate. Then secure the ball shaft using a wrench or Allen key and tighten the tension bolt.
  • If the ceiling or wall mounts has an extension arm, then slide that arm into the ceiling plate and use wrench to tighten the screw.
  • If the mounting arm was connected to the ceiling plate before, just connect the speaker to that arm. Put up the speaker to the ceiling and mounting arm. Then set the speaker and secure the arm with an Allen key.
  • Now the final work is to attach the speaker wire to the amplifier. You can just simply run the wire on the outside of the ceiling or run the wire behind the ceiling.
  • But if the speaker requires wifi or Bluetooth, then there is no need to use wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang ceiling speakers?

To hang the ceiling speakers, first, you should select the position. You should place the ceiling speakers separated from each wall at proportional latitude with the extent of the area. 

And they should be at least two meters off from each other. By setting it in this manner gives the best stereo and disunion effect.

Are you able to mount surrounding speakers on the ceiling? 

Yes, it’s possible to mount surround speakers on the ceiling. Using the provided amplifier upholds surround sound. 

Just select the surround sound then it will calibrate and ensure your roof speakers procedure as the rear surround sound way.

How to hang speakers?

You can hang speakers on the wall or the ceiling. First, choose the speaker you want. Then install them in a suitable place. 

The easiest option to hang speakers is wall mounting. The speakers should be placed at the ear height and placed on the center of either side of the wall.

Final Notes

You may want to use a marketable speaker mount to hang them on the wall or ceiling. But professionals usually don’t suggest speakers hang from the ceiling. 

Because if you want better sound, you should place the speakers on the exact point as your ears. So you can hang ceiling speakers on the wall and experience a better sound system. 
So now you know how to hang speakers from the ceiling? And where to install the ceiling speakers. Then get the ceiling speakers you want and hang them from a suitable position. And then enjoy a better sound system.

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