How To Get The Cobweb Duster In Psychonauts

In Psychonauts for the PlayStation, there is a character who goes by the name of the Cobweb Duster. In this game, they are a kind of NPC that is tasked with filling their job description. The player can also take on the role as they play through the game. The idea behind this character is to fill up their job description and keep things clean throughout the land.

What is the Cobweb Duster’s job in Psychonauts?

The Cobweb Duster is a character that is assumed to be cleaning the land. She is a small woman with a bird-like head and looks like a spider. She is wearing a hoodie, tan shorts, and a blue vest. They are tasked with taking care of the land. The Cobweb Duster is a very kind and polite character. She seems to have a sense of humor and reacts accordingly to peoples’ remarks.

What is the Cobweb Duster’s Appearance?

The Cobweb Duster’s body is covered in blue and tan. She has a large nose and a small face. Her hair is brown, and she has a blue vest. She appears to be a woman, but her gender is never stated.

What is The Psychonauts Dowsing Rod?

The psychonauts dowsing rod is a tool that has been developed by the Psychonaut Society to assist with their cleaning jobs and such. It’s function isn’t precisely defined, but it sure looks like something for eliminating unwanted entities from an area.

How to get the Psychonauts Cobweb Duster?

A cobweb duster is a tool used to clean hard-to-reach areas in the home. The tool is used by many professionals tasked with cleaning up after all of the dust bunnies.

To get the most use out of this tool, follow these simple steps:

  • Have an old t-shirt at hand for catching any loose dust.
  • Get all of the soft dust into the t-shirt.
  • On the opposite side of the t-shirt, get all of the cobwebs and other dust out of the shirt.
  • It is usually used with a long flexible stick or broom-like tool.

What are the Cobweb Duster’s abilities?

The Cobweb Duster can use her web-gum to create a web cocoon large enough to hold a person. She can also snare enemies by grabbing their feet with her web-gum. The web cocoon will restrain any character caught within it. Once the web cocoon is created, the player must drag the character out. The web cocoon’s force will take some time to dissipate. The Cobweb Duster can use this ability to hold people in place until they are released. It can also be used to trap your character.

What are the Psychonauts Cobweb Duster weaknesses?

The Cobweb Duster’s web cocoon has a limited range. It isn’t easy to control the direction of the cocoon once it is released. The web cocoon is also fragile; it will fall apart if the web comes into contact with a blunt object. Finally, the Cobweb Duster can only hold one character, which is useless for multiple players.


1. How does the Cobweb Duster help keep arrowheads Psychonauts clean?

Psychonauts is a beautifully clean game. It is rare to find any form of graffiti or garbage anywhere in the game. The Cobweb Duster gives the game the appearance of a real world.

2. How does the player take on the role of the Cobweb Duster?

The game consists of three parts: the character part, the interpretation part, and the usage part. The character part is the part where the player is the character. The interpretation part is where the player brings their character to life through the use of voice and movement.

3. How do I cast the Cobweb Duster?

When the Cobweb Duster pauses, it is in the middle of a web cocoon. Therefore, you will need to click the Cobweb Duster to cast the spell. The Cobweb Duster can also be cast while in the air by pressing the spacebar.

4. What do you think makes the Cobweb Duster an important part of Psychonauts?

The Cobweb Duster is an integral part of Psychonauts because it helps us to develop the player’s perception of their character. The player is forced to use their perception skills to solve the puzzles in the game.

5. What does the future hold for the Cobweb Duster?

The Cobweb Duster’s future will depend on the need for more brain training and a need for more people to play the game.

6. How do I obtain the Cobweb Duster?

One of the Muddy Pot’s residents will sell you the Cobweb Duster for 500 coins. You can find her in the Cobweb Duster’s Nest, located on the roof of the Muddy Pot.


The Cobweb Duster can use the 3D virtual environment to show a more realistic and immersive experience for players from this case study. The Cobweb Duster can help the player to focus on solving the puzzles.

The Cobweb Duster can provide a neutral environment where the player’s mind can relax. Finally, the Cobweb Duster gives the players a sense of achievement.

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