How to clean a wireless mouse

How To Clean A Wireless Mouse

A computer mouse is a mandatory needed gear that always stays in our hand’s touch. With regular use, dirt and germs accumulate on the outside and inside of the mice. But the regretting thing is that we neglect to clean the mouse while cleaning other accessories like the keyboard, monitor and CPU.

As a result, prolonged dirt can gradually reduce the performance of your mice. And you may face a sticking point and slow movement. So, it is essential to clean and disinfect the mice regularly.

Today, we are going to discuss how to clean a wireless mouse. As well as, we will give you a simple way on how to clean a gaming mouse. Let’s dig into the article.

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse

Depending on the accumulated dirt and germs during the duration of the previous cleaning, you can clean a wireless mouse in two ways. One is lighter cleaning, and another is heavier cleaning. Both ways will take a maximum of five to ten minutes.

Lighter cleaning without disassembles

If you regularly clean your computer accessories, including the mice, it is not required for heavier cleaning with disassembling the parts.

Required components:

Step 1:

First, shut off the mice and then take a condensed air can for spraying. Spray the condensed air between the scroll and both click buttons. Never continue the air blowing process for a long time. Then the excess condensed air may occur.

Step 2:

Take a clean and wet cotton piece to clean the mouse body. Then scrubs the accumulated stain, dirt, dust and germs with the wet cloth. Keep in mind to clean the bottom surface of the mice properly. It is especially recommended to notice on the four feet areas of the mice because there is a lot of dirt.

Step 3:

Soak a cotton swab into the cleaning solution. And use this swab to wipe around the laser and LED. However, it is essential to wipe gently around the LED and laser. At the same time, never wipe the LED areas with a natural cleaning solution. Then, you need to turn off the LED.

Step 4:

After wiping with the cleaning solution, you can use soft dry cotton to wipe the LED area. It will allow the LED area to dry very well, and there will be no possibility of any damage. Do note that mild detergent is how to clean a Computer Mouse but don’t use alcohol because it can destroy the color.

Heavier cleaning with disassembling

The ultimate recommendation from the manufacturing brand is not to disassemble a mouse while cleaning. But in some cases, you may have to disassemble a mouse as the last effort.

If there is massive dust, human hair, and pet fur near the computer working area, then a heavier cleaning is mandatory with disassembling several parts.

Required components:

Step 1: 

First of all, shut off the mouse and locate the screws, then put them off carefully. 

Step 2:

They apply gentle compressed air to remove the debris and dust accumulated inside the mouse. Don’t use any rough cloth, fingers or liquid to remove the dust. Otherwise, the mouse may lose its effectiveness. 

Step 3:

Re-apply the screws at the right place and switch on the mouse to check the connection.

Cleaning a mechanical mouse

The mechanical mouse is quite different from a regular mouse. So, the cleaning process is also different. Here are some best ways to clean a gaming mouse.

Step 1:

First of all, switch off the computer and disconnect the mechanical mouse. At the same time, check out the mouse connection with the CPU and monitor. In the case of a wired mouse, remove the cord from the port. And remove the USB in the case of a wireless mouse.

Step 2:

Take some mild detergent or cleaning agent and soak a clean cotton cloth into it. Then wring the cloth to remove excess detergent. You will get one kind of computer repairing alcohol that is good for the mechanical mouse. So, you can use some alcohol for cleaning your mouse. Wipe the mechanical mouse with the cloth and let it dry with compressed air.

Step 3:

Clean the surface of the mouse by rubbing lightly. Try to do it with back-and-forth motion rubbing.

Step 4:

Cleaning the mouse scroll is also essential. So, notice if there is any built-in dirt and grime around the scrolling wheel. You can apply a toothpick to do it precisely. However, additional pressure should avoid saving the mouse from the scroll from breaking down.

Step 5:

Now dry the outer surface of the mouse and put off the trackball. For this, turn over the mouse and rotate the trackball counterclockwise to remove it.

Step 6:

Now give attention to cleaning the trackball rollers. It is essential to check the inside of the mouse as well as the outside. Generally, there are three rollers that control the trackball. So, notice on those rollers if they jammed the trackball.

Step 7:

In this step, set up the trackball in the right place and reassemble another mouse part. Then set the cover of the trackball and apply some pressure to fix it correctly. Now turn the trackball cover clockwise for the final set-up.

Step 8:

It is time to connect the mouse again. So, plug the USB if your mouse is wireless and connect the cord to the monitor for a wired mouse. Now check the mouse function.

How to Clean the Mouse Pad Properly

Cleaning a mouse pad is crucial because your mouse rests on it all the time. The dirt accumulation has increased because of the mouse pad. Besides, a mouse pad can make your mouse function difficult and ruin because a pad has easily got in touch with the food, beverage that you take during work. It would help if you had a soft, damp cloth, shampoo and proper temperature to dry.

·   The rubber part of the mouse pad should not get touch with hot water because it can occur detachment, deformation and damage

·   After washing, it is essential to wipe the touchpad with a dry cloth and then let it dry under the shade. 

·   Avoid drying the touchpad under direct sunlight it may detach the rubber part

·   It is good to use an air dryer to dry the touchpad with a lower setting

·   A soft-bristled brush would be best for stain removing

·   It is mandatory to dry your touchpad correctly before using it again

Safety Tips for mouse cleaning

  • Don’t forget to switch off the mouse before cleaning
  • Avoid all types of liquid and moisture that can ruin the mouse function
  • Don’t use alcohol to scrub the mouse surface because it is color destroying
  • Use mild detergent and soft cotton to wipe the mouse
  • If possible, then never disassemble the mouse parts

Proper maintenance of a computer mouse

A little awareness and maintenance can prolong your used computer mouse. Here are practical tips for you.

  • Avoid eating anything near your computer accessories 
  • It is important to know that the miniature solid components do not enter through the space of the mouse.
  • Don’t forget to wash and wipe your hand after eating something while touching the mouse
  • Be careful to drink any liquid near your workspace
  • Remember to wipe and clean the dirt from your computer mouse regularly
  • Clean another accessory like CPU keyboard and monitor once a week.


1)   What can I use to clean my mouse?

You can use some standard components to clean the mouse that is available near to you. For example, soft cotton cloth, compressed air can, disinfecting can. Sometimes, you may need alcohol, mild detergent and a toothpick to clean your mouse.

2)   How do I clean my Logitech mouse?

How to clean a Logitech wireless mouse? soft lint-free cotton cloth and water are the standard components to clean your Logitech mouse. Good to know that isopropyl alcohol and anti-bacterial liquid are recommended for Logitech professional mice. In some cases, isopropyl can damage the mouse color.

3)   How do you clean the wheel on a wireless mouse?

Are you confused about how do I clean my wireless mouse?Take a can of compressed air and hold it four inches above the mouse wheel scroll to apply the air pressure. The air must be compressed by turning around the wheel so that all loose dirt is removed.

4)   How do I get my wireless mouse to work again?

Your mouse may stop work for a variety of reasons. Some simple troubleshooting can make your mouse reusable. 

  • Change or clean the touchpad
  • Check the USB connection
  • Check and adjust the battery
  • Clean the mouse properly
  • Restart and reboot the computer
  • Use the mouse with another computer

Final Words:

Finally, we believe you can understand the multiple, more straightforward process of how to clean a wireless mouse. The cleaning process of a wireless and wired mouse does not make a huge difference.

In the case of any mouse, you have to be careful as it is an electronic device. Remember not to rub too much, and always use a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean your mouse.

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