How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop In 2022

Without having some basic tips, it is hard to choose the best gaming laptop (the famous and most acceptable option for gamers nowadays), especially to play some high-end games.

First of all, you should know your requirements before choosing a gaming laptop.

Also, you may need to spend some extra time because it needs careful research on a few features. No doubt, gaming laptops are a different beast than typical notebooks that you have reviewed so far.

With sharp display, powerful graphics, and excellent audio, the gaming laptop becomes standalone to provide an extreme entertainment experience in a light package. 

In a word, getting the best gaming laptop is a must-have option for those who want to enjoy some popular games (such as Assassin’s Creed, Dirt: Showdown,

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Witcher 4, and Grand Theft Auto V), mainly when they are out of home or desktop.

What Is The Best Gaming Laptop?

Honestly speaking, it is hard to answer this question. In the gaming world, you’ll find plenty of games to play and enjoy, especially on the laptop.

But you need to ensure that the laptop you choose is a gaming gadget. Based on the game genre, you need to choose different configurations of gaming laptops.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend your worthy time to find the best gaming laptop; rather, you need to narrow down your choices to do perfect research. 

Doing your own research could be a great help to make an informed decision. Of course, different gamers have different choices,

and different games need different laptops with varied features and specifications.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop?

With a premium budget, colorful designs and powerful equipment, Gaming Laptop is indeed a demandable gadget to play demanding games.

Below, we’ll discuss the must-have features that make your gaming laptop buying successful.

Top 8 things you need to consider before choosing the best gaming laptop:

1. Portability:

First of all, you need to consider the portability of your gaming notebook.   According to the study, you’ll find a laptop with different portability levels depending on gaming processes.

You may find some laptop as a regular style or find some unit which is easy to hold high with knees. 

However, the truth is that the portability depends on the power of a notebook – The less portable, the more powerful. Check the following chart:

A chart: Laptop with different portability levels
Portability   Sizes (Display) Key Features
Best Portability Less than 15 inches (13” to
14” max)
◘ Perfect for constant move

◘ Weight:  Below 5 pounds

Battery life: Over seven hours

◘ Less powerful CPU or GPU
Medium Portability 15 inches ◘ Gaming gadget on the lap

◘ Easy to carry it around too often

◘ Weight: 4.8 to 7.00 pounds or more

◘ Battery life: Over five hours per charge
Minimum Portability More than 15 inches
(17” to 18”)
◘ Most powerful

◘ Best for moving it between rooms

laptop in your home

◘ Difficult to fit for most bags 

2. GPU/ Graphics Card:

One of the key features you should consider before buying a gaming laptop is its GPU or graphics card. It provides the picture on the screen by processing the data and sending the signal to the display.

In this regard, to cope with this process, a gamer needs a distinct and high-end GPU, including devoted memory, named VRAM or video memory.

According to the average gaming fan, 4GB of VRAM is ideal for making a better gaming notebook. Nowadays, the average gaming laptop comes with RTX GPUs and Nvidia GeForce GTX. 

Note: If you are limited to AMD, you will find specific brands that confirm you to build your process appropriately.

A chart: Graphics Card for different gaming level


Gaming level   Graphics Card/ GPU Features
Beginner level gaming RX 5500M/ GTX 1650/ GTX 1660 Ti ● Ideal for playing
average games on low settings

● Budget: $850 to $1050
Mainstream gaming ● Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060

● RTX 3070
and RTX 3060  
● Ideal for playing games in the
highest settings or modern games

● (ideal for playing mid-range

● Budget: 1100 to 1400 plus
VR and highest settings ● RTX 2070/ RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti
(Unique effects and smoother VR)

● RTX 3070 and RTX 3080—allow you to
begin bloating effects such as Nvidia
Game works
Note: Latest RTX series are ideal for
playing ray-traced video games  
Ideal for playing with high
settings game/ playing games in 4K.
● Powerful 20-series cards Budget: Over $3000

3. Gaming laptop displays:

When it comes to buying a gaming notebook, display plays a significant role. If you want to enjoy an immersive gaming experience, then the size, resolution, and refresh rates of your laptop’s display system has a great impact.

Features Specifications Opinion
Resolution ● 1920 x 1080 display

● QHD (2560 x 1440)

● 4K (3840 x 2160) panels

● 1366 x 768
● Minimum resolution

● A trendy resolution that has a fame
for striking color 

● Increased frame rates
Size 15” to 17” screens Average gaming laptop screen size

● Larger laptop screen is a bit heavier
Refresh rate  

Note: How often the screen
can redraw itself is determined by its
refresh rate measured in hertz (Hz).  
● 60Hz display and 1080p resolution

● 144/240/360 Hz
● Enough for many extreme Gamers
and best for responsive graphics

● Ideal for smoother gaming 
AMD Free Sync/ Nvidia G-Sync High-end technologies Made to remove unattractive graphical tears  

Note: You should avoid touch display because it kills battery life. Also, it makes the display glossy.

4. Gaming keyboards:

If you are a gamer, relying on the best gaming keyboard is usually the best solution.  With this keyboard, you can get your required key action and shortcuts to play games.

Also, they’ll last longer than the average keyboard. Furthermore, the gaming keyboard is good looking and comfortable to use

If you have a beginner level gaming keyboard, you will find keys with LED back-lighting. Below we’ll discuss much more considerations for you.

Things to consider   Details 
Key Travel: Distance the key travels between its pressed
and resting positions
An  average depth of key travel is between 1.5 to 2 mm.  

Note: 2 millimeters of key travel is best  
Back-lighting RGB back-lighting: The best keyboard for playing video
games comes with RGB back-lighting.

Note: Best budget gaming laptop comes with white or
red back-lighting. Customizable back lighting would
be best in a gaming notebook.  
Anti-Ghosting (pressing several keys together)    Ideal for performing several activities 
Macro Keys (a bit hard to find on gaming notebooks) They are designed to complete the most
significant actions.  
Actuation (Actuation force is the force needed at Activation Point) Average Actuation force: 65 and 70 grams. With
this amount of force, you can enjoy excellent, springy bounce.  

5. RAM and CPU:

If GPU is the heart of your gaming notebook, then RAM and CPU are the brain. With a central processing unit or CPU, you can manage different tasks that you can’t do with a GPU.

Besides, it changes the game performance of non-gaming appeals, including productivity apps, OS and browser. However, while choosing RAM and CPU, consider the following things.

CPU (key features) Details   Ram (key features) Details
Clock speed Faster CPU= Higher clock speed   Clock speed means
the total of rounds a CPU performs per second.
It is calculated in GHz.    
2-4GB RAM   With Ram, you can browse the internet, do work applications and play games.
CPU Options Multiple cores technology can increase the CPU’s
performance and make it perfect for multitasking.  
With Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, CPUs
can operate more than one software thread/hardware core.  
8GB RAM   Perfect for playing mid-range gaming.
Core count You’ll find CPUs suitable for a different use case.
If you search for high clock speed and core counts,
the Intel® Core™ H processor could be the best.
Also, you can choose CPUs such as Intel’s U-series which helps to store battery life.
16GB RAM   Suitable for latest and high settings video games.   Also, it is perfect for voice chat, video chatting etc.
    32GB RAM Perfect for multitasking jobs such as content creation, gaming, video editing etc.

6. Laptop Storage: SSD and HDD

It is important to have a gaming laptop that is faster enough. In this regard, SSDs could be the best option over Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Also, when it comes to loading games faster, choosing an SSD is best due to its speed.

However, HDD could be best for those who have a budget issue in buying an SSD. When it comes to choosing HDD, our favorite is 1TB HDD with 7,200 rpm speed. 

You may find some system which comes with both SSD and HDD, especially for storing large files. Let’s see different types of SSDs with features.

Laptop Storage   Features 
Intel® Optane™ memory   ● NVMe based solution

● Paired with the latest storage technology

Ideal for loading data fast

● Best choice for using as a boot drive.
SATA SSD   ● Use SATA connecting ports like
traditional HDDs

● Durable and speedy than HDD

● Less fast than latest NVMe drives
NVMe SSD   ● Equipped with top-speed PCIe bus

● Higher throughput

7. Premium laptop design: 

You need to think about the balance between portability, cost, power, ports and more, especially when talking about gaming notebook design. Read more.

Design   Features
Bezels ● Thin bezel to reduce the size of the display

● Make laptop smaller
Wireless Connectivity ● Wireless cards to connect routers and hotspots

● Bluetooth which

● uses 2.4GHz band

● Wi-Fi 6 qualified elements
Aesthetics ● Metal finish

● RGB lighting

● Eye-catching design
Weight Lighter and thinner

● For home set-up: Heavier gaming laptops

● Powerful cooling system
Build quality ● Aluminum casing

● Durable designs
Gaming machines Extras ● Multiple screens

Customized hardware

● Keyboard with a mechanical
switch/mechanical keyboard

8. Laptop Ports:

If your laptops have the following ports, it would be an extra benefit for you. 

  • Display port to connect external display
  • HDMI portto connect HDTVs
  • USB ports:  Headsets, hard drives, gaming mouse and different peripherals
  • Audio: USB ports and headphone jack (3.5mm) for speakers and headsets
  • Ethernet: Ethernet port (RJ-45) for secured connection
  • SD: SD card slot can be helpful to extend storage space with  SDXC cards. It is ideal for transferring videography and photography.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ): best gaming laptop in 2021

Question 1: Can you build your own gaming laptop?

Usually, you will find ready-made or factory-made gaming laptops out on the market. However, you can build your own gaming laptop as well.

In this regard, you need to choose the component according to the game genre. If you build your own gaming laptop, you may save your money as well.

People usually build a gaming PC rather than a gaming laptop. Most often, they buy gaming notebooks from the market.

However, if you want to know how you can build a gaming PC at home use, you can visit this link.

Question 2:  How To Choose the Best Gaming Laptop For Racing Games?

Best Gaming Laptop For Racing Games: AORUS 7 (KB) Gaming Laptop- 17.3-inch FHD 144Hz IPS

Playing the racing game isn’t the same as playing other games on a laptop. You need a laptop with a powerful processor to play racing games.

According to the expert, a gaming laptop with an Intel Core i3-530 processor would be best for playing racing games (it’s the minimum requirement).

  • The minimum requirement for playing racing games: A gaming laptop with Intel Core i3-530 processor
  • Upgrade requirement for enjoying smooth gaming experience: Intel Core i5-650 processor
  • High-end requirement for enjoying the most demanding game (Such as Project CARS 2): Intel Core i7 processor

Question 3:  How To Choose Gaming Laptop For Adventure Games?

The recommended gaming laptop for Action-adventure games: AORUS 5 (SB) Gaming Laptop.

You need a laptop with an excellent FHD panel plus a 144Hz refresh rate to play Adventure Games.

To get better play, you can add the NVIDIA GTX series graphics card/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card in the configuration of your gaming notebook.

Extraordinary gaming experience: 6GB memory + 1TB high-speed SSD

Question 4:  How To Choose a Gaming Laptop For FPS Games?

Our favorite for playing FPS games: AORUS series by Gigabyte due to its powerful software, keyboard, panel and graphics performance.

If you want to become an FPS legend, you need to choose a gaming laptop with powerful RAM and graphics card.

Question 5:  Do You Need a 17-Inch Gaming Laptop?

A 17-Inch Gaming Laptop is the best notebook to enjoy video editing, 3D designing, and high-end video games.

It is an excellent choice for those who want smoother and faster and optimal performance while playing games.   

Question 6:  What is a VR-Ready Gaming Laptop?

The VR-Ready Gaming Laptop comes with powerful hardware such as Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors plus the latest GPU.

Note: You can detect your laptop VR-Ready or not via the “Rift Compatibility Check tool”.

Question 7:  How Much Should You Spend on Powerful Gaming Laptops?

You may need to spend almost a thousand dollar to get the most expensive gaming laptop.

Currently, the best budget gaming laptop is Acer’s Predator 21 X. Perhaps, it would be the most costly gaming notebook around the market.

You need to spend $9000 to buy this item. Also, you can get gaming Laptop by spending below $500 to $1000.

If you have a budget constraint, you can check out this link to get the best gaming Smartphone under $300 USD.

Question 8:  What are the best gaming laptops for beginners?

Let’s take a look at a list of gaming laptops for beginners by the best gaming laptop company.

  • Gigabyte Aorus 17G laptop
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
  • Razer Blade Pro 17
  • Alienware m17 R4

Note: Our recommendation as the best cheap gaming laptop out on the competition: Asus TUF Gaming FX705.

Final Verdict:

We come to the end of our guide, and we hope, after going through this article, choosing the best gaming laptop could be easy and effortless, even for beginners.

You will find plenty of brands that design particularly for the games market, and it is up to you to choose what you consider is the best gaming notebook for you and your needs.

Just buy the best gaming laptop according to your required budget and functionality. To get a list of the top-rated Gaming Laptops and PCs, Click Here.

                   Happy playing with your best choice. ☺

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