how does a wireless speaker work

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work?

Tired of putting wires together for a speaker to be connected to your device? Yeah, we can understand :’) And this is why a wireless speaker is the best option for you. You might not want to have wires around you everywhere, and it clearly doesn’t look cool, right?

What about having a wireless speaker instead? But first, you should know more about how does a wireless speaker work? and take the time to choose the best.

What is a wireless speaker?


A wireless speaker is a simple loudspeaker that can be connected wirelessly with other electronic devices such as TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. To play music or podcasts or any audio file loudly, wireless speakers are just perfect.

It captures RF waves (radio frequency) instead of using audio cables that transmit audio to the wireless speaker.

As they are connected wirelessly, you can move around with your device from one room to another while playing music on your wireless speaker.

Even the walls and the furniture of your home can’t be a hassle between you and your music.

How does a wireless speaker work?

As we talk about wireless speakers, the two variants that come to our mind are AC-powered Wireless Speaker and Portable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker. Both are wireless and user-friendly.

AC-powered speakers work with the WiFi connection of your home or office. You just need a WiFi router that connects multiple devices at one time.

If you intend not to move the speaker around or move it outdoors, you can choose an AC-powered speaker for your home.

 On the other hand, battery-powered speakers are more portable, and it doesn’t need any WiFi connection to play music. You just have to do is, charge your speaker and pair it up with your phone or tablet, or with the laptop.

This wireless device can be used offline so you will be able to carry it with you no matter where you go.

So, your choice should be this portable Bluetooth speaker if you have no WiFi network at your place or you are more likely to move around outside.

 So, maybe you found your perfect match. What! Not yet? There’s more to know about these amazing wireless speakers.

How to connect to a Wireless Speaker?

You can usually connect the wireless speaker to your device via Bluetooth. To connect any device you have to make sure both the device’s Bluetooth is turned on, and then you have to pair up the speaker with that device where you want to play the audio file.

You can even connect the speaker to your device and play music by connecting to the same WiFi network and it’s only required for WiFi speakers. Because Bluetooth speakers do not require connecting to the internet.

 One thing here to remember is, the wireless speakers have to be in the range of the WiFi or Bluetooth connection for playing any audio loudly.

If you connect it to your WiFi, your required range is about 150 feet away from the router or a little more (depends on the quality and brand of the wireless speaker and the WiFi network).

You can usually control the speaker with more than one smart device using the same WiFi connection from all the devices.

 And for Bluetooth speakers, you do not have to be worried about range because it’s totally portable and you can carry both the speaker and device together anywhere.

Though, it’s good to note that Bluetooth is made for small range uses (more likely the range should be 15 feet and sometimes it can be maximized to 30 feet. But the last updated version says, Bluetooth 5 is greater in range with 240 meters, meaning it’s around 800 feet).

Though not all device’s Bluetooth gives the same service. So, it’s better not to take away your device from your Bluetooth speaker as it won’t be able to perform well.

How to use a Wireless Speaker with a phone?

You’d probably want to connect your wireless speaker to your smartphone as you have a music playlist stored in the phone. You can simply pair it up to your device’s Bluetooth.

(WiFi-connected speakers do not require many steps. Because it just needs to be turned on by tapping once, and it’s ready for connecting to all the devices you want. You can take help from the manual if you have any problem).

 So, to connect your mobile to your Bluetooth speaker you have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to your smartphone’s settings
  • Find the Bluetooth option there
  • Swipe right to turn on the Bluetooth.
  • There, you’ll see some available and unavailable devices list.
  • While doing so, check your Bluetooth speaker and press the power button for some seconds and wait for the light.
  • It’s on now. This means your Bluetooth device is waiting for your smartphone to pair up.
  • Again on your smartphone, you can just click on the ‘Scan’ to refresh the list, to see the available devices.
  • You can see the name of your speaker (sometimes it shows some numbers)  in that list. You have to tap that and that’s it. You’ve succeeded in pairing up the Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone.


You can then go to the audio file and play whatever you want. When you’re done, just turn off the Bluetooth of your phone to disconnect it from the speaker

and then press again for a while to turn off the wireless Bluetooth speaker. Very easy right? That’s why we said it’s user-friendly.

How do wireless speakers work with a Receiver?

In the process of setting up the wireless speaker, there has to be a transmitter that can send audio signals and for that, a wireless receiver is just what we need.

A receiver works to receive the transmitted sounds or audio signals.

 To connect the receiver to your Bluetooth speaker, you have to first plug in the power cable of the receiver to turn on or activate the transmitter.

Once it’s done, you can now connect your speaker wirelessly with the receiver via Bluetooth. Then you can freely enjoy loud music or podcasts or any audio file.

 As for the WiFi speakers to be connected to the receiver, you can see in your AV receiver, the output and input devices of the audio can be attached using the RCA cables.

Right then, turn the receiver on and choose an exact input channel. You’ve to use the audio functions of your receiver to adjust the audio settings.

The setup is now complete. Lastly, you’ve to connect both the speaker and receiver together using the same Wi-Fi connection.

You can then use any app or play your music playlist to manage the audio tracks. You may have issues setting up for the very first time. So read the manual of your wireless speaker well for help.

How do wireless speakers work with a TV?

Sometimes the audio quality of your TV doesn’t match your thoughts and you want to find a better quality audio speaker.

But an additionally connected wired speaker may look a bit weird beside the TV or maybe your TV cabinet doesn’t have enough space for extra speakers. What if your choice is a wireless speaker?

Sounds cooler? Maybe you should try your wireless speakers connecting with your TV. I’m sure you’ll thank me later 😉

Ok, so first there should be two available wireless speakers and a wireless transmitter for your TV, and for the connecting method watch out for the following steps.

  • To start with, you’ve to position your wireless transmitter beside your TV. Plugin RCA cables into the transmitter’s audio-in port.
  • There is another side of your RCA cables which you’ve to plug into your TV’s audio out port.
  • When you are finished connecting the transmitter, find a suitable place for your both wireless speakers and place them there. (It can be anywhere in your room, you can easily connect speakers anywhere wirelessly. This is the plus point here. In clear words, how much you can get and enjoy from it, depends on the quality and brand of your speakers).
  • Then turn on the power button of your TV, transmitter and of course the wireless speakers. Mission completed 😀

You can now hear the television sounds from your wireless speakers clearly. And you can plug out or plugin them easily anytime you want.

How do wireless speakers work with a Computer?

You now know how simple and useful it is to use a wireless speaker. You can move them anywhere while it’s connected.

Even the wireless speakers can’t cause danger as there are no wires to connect. So, everyone wants to have wireless speakers for their usable devices.

Wireless speakers are for TVs and smartphones, receivers. So why not for computers? Of course, you can connect your wireless speaker even with your PC.

Just follow the process step by step.

  • First of all, place your receiver closely to connect the transmitter with your computer.
  • There you’ll find USB ports behind your PC, you’ve to connect your USB transmitter there.
  • Take your seat and set up the needed software and drivers for your speakers. (Some transmitters have already built-in devices and software needed for connecting wireless speakers).
  • Now, connect the receiver with your speakers by turning on as you’ve done before while connecting speakers with your TV.
  • Go to the media player, find the preference and interface to set the specific wireless speakers for your computer.

As long as the transmitter is connected with both your PC and speakers. You can enjoy the music and audio played from your computer and any extra wires won’t hassle you like a spider’s web.

How do wireless speakers get power?

Yes, we know some of you have this question already in your mind. Let me clear you.

 Most wireless speakers do need the power to be turned on. It’s for the AC speakers, which need a power outlet for connecting and to get power.

These wireless speakers can be individually plugged in and can stay anywhere in the room. It remains connected to the power outlet and provides service via WiFi.

 As for Bluetooth speakers, no power outlet is needed while you’re turning on your speakers. Because it’s a battery-used device and the power stays inside the battery.

How to charge a portable wireless speaker?

As we mentioned about the Bluetooth speaker which needs to be charged first. You have to know the process of charging to charge the portable Bluetooth device.

On your speaker, you can see a USB port there. Find its charger which will be given along with the speakers when you are going to buy them.

Place the charger in the power outlet and input the other side of the charger in the USB port. Turn on the switch.

You can see a small red light showing from the speaker, which means your wireless speakers are now in a charging mode. Another question may come up about the time needed to get a speaker fully charged.

Well, it fully depends on your battery’s quality of the speaker. But usually, 6 hours of charging is enough. You can see the manual if they mention the charging time of the speaker.

The bottom line :

To know what you need, you just need to know who you are. If you’re an avid audiophile and want to have a better loud sound quality for your comfort zone, you can compare both the wireless speakers and figure out what will be suitable for your ears.

Bluetooth speakers are for those who love to carry their music system outdoors and listen to music while enjoying the surroundings.

And if you’re comfortable staying inside of the house with your speakers, WiFi speakers are the best option as they are not likely for movement.

By comparing the quality of both wireless speakers, they are totally amazing. Still, AC-powered speakers have more fine quality than Bluetooth speakers.

But this doesn’t matter for those who want a portable, easy connecting and good music system.

 So, I guess you found your perfect match now :D. Do read how does a wireless speaker work and follow the steps properly if you need any help to use your brand new wireless speakers.

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