What to look for in a gaming computer desk setup

What To Look For In A Gaming Computer Desk Setup?

Hey there! I know you can’t have enough of these cool ideas for setting up a gaming world of yours and that’s why you made it up here.

I have a feeling that you will surely love our article as we mentioned some unique ways of your gaming computer desk setup. So, congratulations in advance.

We here started with the very basics to give you an A to Z idea about gaming computer desk setup. Ok so, shall we start? Let’s go then 😉

What is a Gaming Desk Setup?

Gaming setup is more like making another space for you, where you can relax by playing games.

It’s basically a process of making a gaming environment around you with a few gaming accessories.

By setting up the gaming desk, we meant to set things up like placing all the gaming gadgets right before you on your ergonomic desk in your own unique way to feel that excitement!

What do You Need in a Gaming Computer Desk Setup?

If you’re a gamer and you want to make the corner of your room into a gaming corner then you must have a desk where you’ll set up the gaming gadgets.

You will also need a PC, monitor, gaming chair, gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, joystick/ game controller, good-quality speakers, mouse pad, etc.

A gaming desk is a must because all other gadgets would be a waste if you don’t have any desk to place them on.

Moreover, you can set up your gaming desk with RGB lights and table lamps to decorate the whole corner with lighting which will look awesome when you want to play at night turning the room lights off.

Gaming Computer Desk Setup Ideas for Beginners:

You know what you need but now the problem is you can’t figure out what would be the best for you among those and how to give them a perfect look, as you’re completely new to this.

First of all, we would like to share a few tips before you buy all the gaming gadgets. Read this carefully and set your mind on how to work things up.

Tip 1- Buy a Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor available in the marketplace has a higher quality display and refresh rate compared to a normal monitor.

It has additional opinions of higher regulations which gives a smooth and high-quality view while playing any game.

Some pro gamers also use 2 or multiple monitors with the main monitor to live stream a game. Here, you should have one thing in mind and that is the graphics card must be worthy for the monitors to give you a seamless gaming experience.

Tip 2- Comfortable Gaming Chair

Some game times are long in length and you surely do not want to stop in the middle of the game. So, if you’re addicted to gaming or if you are among those who would spend more than half of the daytime playing games.

You must select a quality chair to relax on it while playing. Truth be told, you can’t count the time while you’re in a game, as the time runs very fast for you.

And after playing you can’t risk your body having a backache, can you? So choose what is good, not that which is cheap in cost but uncomfortable.

Tip 3- Choosing a Gaming Computer

You should buy a fully optimized computer with a powerful processor which will handle heavy games. With this, give attention to the video card which will give you a high-quality experience.

It will decrease the chances of gaming lags or a low refresh rate. The hardware also must be updated which can enhance the speed.

Tip 4- Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Quality

Good gaming keyboards are quite user-friendly as these have quickly accessible buttons which will help you to fasten the gameplay.

Some gaming keyboards are wireless, try to buy them as wireless keyboards are one step ahead then wired ones.

You won’t have any problem with wire management in it and can sit at a distance while playing on a big screen.

On the other hand, a gaming mouse is the easiest to choose among all others, though it doesn’t require many facilities.

Usually, gaming mice offer laser sensors and have extra buttons to help customize any game.

 Moreover, the gaming keyboard and gaming mouse looks cool and fills up the whole gaming set, and makes you a total professional gamer.

Tip 5- Good Audio Quality Speakers

High-quality gaming with no good quality audio. Horrible right? I know it is. So, to complete the gaming setup you must, must, and MUST have speakers that contain clear and crisp sounds.

To give yourself a cinematic thriller experience. I mean you might want to give the place life with your gaming skills and that’s exactly why you need speakers to let others hear and feel the excitement with you.

Tip 6- Headset for Gaming

This is as important as speakers for gaming but in the opposite way. You need a quality headset to experience gaming on your own and have the most enjoyment out of it.

Some quality headsets come with a microphone to talk with the other players and teammates while gaming.

These quality headsets also prevent you from hearing the other noises outside around you to make a total gaming environment inside your ears.

With the headset, do not forget to buy a headphone holder/ headphone hook that can be used to hold the headphone with the desk.

Tip 7- Fine Quality Projector

 A gaming experience will be worth it if you play on a big screen. And to do so, you can buy a projector that suits your gaming setup.

A projector that responds in less time, better quality that doesn’t make the screen noisy and blurry. That’s all you need actually.

Remember that a proper quality projector will turn your room into a theatre. Try to buy a projector whose brightness is around 2800 to 3000 lumens.

Tip 8- RGB Strip Lights for lighting

Well, here comes the most intriguing piece of the arrangement cycle. Lighting up the whole computer desk can be the best decision of all.

You have to buy 1 or sometimes 2 strip lights and decorate them behind the gaming desk, PC and monitor.

Watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube to have an appropriate thought regarding how to function with it. Decorations completed?

Now turn off the lights. Your room corner surely looks no less than a magical land. Trust me on that.

Tip 9- Lastly, and Most Importantly Choose the Right Gaming Desk

A clear suggestion for you is to buy an L-shaped desk for a gaming setup. These desks are quite good for their shape as you can place your monitor or monitors together.

Also have plenty of space to place other gaming accessories. The L-shaped design is also right for the corner of a room which will fit there perfectly.

 Another desk you can use for gaming setup is Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S. This carbon fiber textured desk is really very good for gaming and also has enough space to put other gadgets.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Computer Desk for You?

No matter what you choose, just choose by knowing your taste. But remember to select a dedicated desk with the right color and height according to your needs.

Height: If you wanna take our opinion, we prefer desks with adjustable heights. Those are better than fixed ones. You can adjust the ergonomic height for the desk according to your comfort.

Colors: When choosing a gaming desk by colors, you should think of your room color first. Select a color that suits the near-wall or the curtains around where you wanna put the gaming computer desk.

Designs: There are a variety of desk designs. Choose stylish and attractive designs if you want your desk setup to look aesthetic.

An L-shaped desk or a durable steel frame desk can be a better option. You can also choose among any steel frame, black frame, metal frame, steel tube frame, ABS plastic frame, etc.

But wait, try to select the desk that has a 2 years or 5 years frame warranty.

Space: It will depend on the size of the monitor or on the number of monitors you are using for gameplay. A cool idea we would like to share with you is, you can just make a monitor shelf on the desk to place monitors a bit higher than the normal position to avoid neck pain that you usually face bending downwards the low positioned monitor. By this, you will have plenty of space to adjust all other accessories on the gaming computer desk.

Best Computer Desk Setup?

For a gaming desk setup, first, choose your corner where you can place the large-sized desk. Place the CPU on the right side of the desk.

Give it little space for ventilation. Keeping a minimum distance, place the monitor/monitors. For multiple monitors, set them in a little circular motion to have all the views of the screens clearly from one place.

Try to put them a little higher to see the screen when you keep your head straight. Then place the speakers on both sides of the monitor.

It’ll look good if the speakers can be hung above along with the desk or shelf. Then place the gaming keyboard, mouse, and pad beneath your elbow as you don’t have to fold your hand up.

Do the cable wiring works. Now hang the headphones hook below the desk. If you have a projector then choose a fresh bright wall to project the gaming screen whenever you wanna play.

Place the chair before the desk. Yeah, you’re almost done. It just needs the last touch-up. That implies you need to now finish it in your own specific way. We made this easier for you by explaining things below.

What Things are Needed to Decorate a Gaming Computer Desk Setup?

After putting all the gaming gadgets onto their places, now you have to give this whole setup a final touch-up. First of all, see where the desk seems a bit off or too empty.

Put a glass showpiece or a lighting jar or something there to give it life. If you love plants you can also put small plant pots on both sides of the desk.

You can even place a DVD rack or holder there if the place is too empty. There you can put all your gaming DVDs in a row and it’ll look awesome.

 Next comes the cool lighting part. As we mentioned before about the RGB strip lights, I guess you know where you can put the lights to decorate the desk.

You can even put a table lamp on one corner of the desk. Besides that, put a frame with a picture or put a pen holder. Simple or fancy, whatever you like about gaming just put it right there. 

Next comes the wall, I know it doesn’t have anything with the desk but it’s your gaming corner. So how can you leave the walls without giving it a touch-up?!

Print your favorite gaming posters and hang it on the wall. You can frame it or just stick that with glue. If it still looks a bit off then you doubtlessly understand what you need to do.

Yeah, you guessed it right! Lights!!  Put the Nanoleaf lights on the wall and see the magic. You’ll find it in the store or you can simply get it online.

Why do We Think This is the Best Gaming Computer Desk Setup?

Best things can’t be explained with words. You have to feel it. So do we. The whole setup that you made on your own for gaming can give you that feeling of excitement.

When you’ll lean on that comfortable chair and watch the whole set up with your eyes, I’m sure you will be proud of yourself for getting up to this level of creativity. Actually, we’re proud of you. 😉

 A set up that has everything right near your hands, decorated and organized, that’s called a perfect gaming computer desk setup. So the setup is perfect and the best one for you.

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