connect wifi extender with ethernet

How To Connect WiFi Extender With Ethernet?

Before describing how to connect WiFi extender with ethernet, I want to ask, Have you ever imagined or faced this kind of situation?

where you’re laying back and playing games or chilling somewhere and watching videos using your home WiFi network.

And your internet connection is so poor that you can’t even watch or play properly. It’s because your WiFi router is on the other side of the house and you just can’t get the connection from this side.

That’s exactly where you need a WiFi extender to give a proper connection to the areas of the home where your internet connection is low or poor. Let’s just dive into this topic to get you what you want.

What is a WiFi Extender ?

A wireless extender is likewise known as a WiFi range booster or range extender or WiFi repeater.

This wireless device works to modify the signal of the WiFi router and makes the range larger to create a second network.

When you wanna connect more than one device together but you are too far from the WiFi router, this extender can be used to establish the network.

It simply brings you the connection to your place to browse faster.

How WiFi Extender works ?

The extender works to carry the WiFi routers transmitted signal. After catching the signal, the WiFi extender will automatically create its own signal.

It’ll broadcast the signal with a larger range to supply WiFi connection to areas where the WiFi router can’t provide enough signal.

For that, you will not face any connection problems hereafter.

How to Install a WiFi Extender ?

Though, all the brands have their own installation process. But here, we are giving you a common set of instructions that can be used or applied to maximum extenders.

  • When it comes to first priority, you have to input the extender into a power source. Keep in mind, it ought to be connected to a similar room where the WiFi router is set.
  • A few extenders might require pressing the WPS button on both the devices to be paired up together. Or maybe some will require you to access a website to complete the process of installation.
  • After syncing the extender with the WiFi router, you can move that to any desired location you want and plug it into a power outlet or any power source.

Here, you should note some points while placing the extender. Use a strategy to locate your WiFi extender to such a place where the extender can get strong signals from the router.

But also a place that will be far enough to broadcast signal to the location where you had a connection problem before.

  • After connecting to the router the extender will act as a WAP, meaning wireless access point. 
  • It’ll provide its own signal by its outside antennas and by using it you can connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, or any device.

As for the extender, that is providing its own signal, it’s practically similar to having another wireless router in your house and the extender will also have its own SSID. Means another network name.

“On the off chance that you are hoping to plug an Ethernet link or cable into a WiFi extender, there are two ideas that you should know about.”

Uses Of WiFi Extender

You can use a wireless WiFi extender, situations like –

  • At the point when you’re someplace with a great deal of interference, For example, the environment which holds metal appliances or any other environmental factors.
  • An area where you can’t use any wireless hotspot.
  • When your device is too far away from your WiFi router and the signal strength is very poor.
  • When a lot of devices are connected to the same WiFi network and your connection interference appears for using excess devices together.

Drawbacks :

Since you know what this is, you should know both the good and the bad sides to having a piece of minimum knowledge about the WiFi extender.

  • With the other networks on a common channel, the interference occurs with its wireless connection.
  • It conceivably opens another security assault vector. Previous older gadgets don’t generally uphold WPA2-PSK so while the first network may be secure, the optional one is conceivably open.
  • This diminishes the wireless throughput by at least a half of it.

Connectivity (How to Connect WiFi Extender with Ethernet ) :

Some wireless range broadening gadgets are associated with a USB port. These USB connectors add WiFi capacity to work area laptops and different gadgets that have standard USB ports.

USB upholds the information moves needed for systems administration, yet it likewise supplies a force source with the goal that these connectors don’t need electrical fittings such as adapters.

Some WiFi extenders have an electrical plug. With those extenders, you can in any case utilize your divider attachment while utilizing the extender.

The most recent wifi range extenders have an ethernet port to change over your wireless connectivity into wired connectivity.

Can I plug an Ethernet Cable into a WiFi Extender?|connect WiFi extender with Ethernet


At times a genuine WiFi repeater likewise has an Ethernet dock. This is an additional element that permits you to associate with the LAN a part without wireless capacities.

In the present circumstance, the WiFi repeater is working two jobs like a wireless flyover. A few organizations sell items that are fit for the two capacities.

You have to accept the fact that having cable access to the WiFi repeater makes design to some degree simpler and safer.

So there is some motivating force in giving an Ethernet dock even to the unadulterated WiFi repeaters, despite the fact that all extenders have no such dock.

Remember that at whatever point the association with the base station happens through a cable, it is called WAP( Wireless Access Point).

Additionally, segments that offer both WiFi and Ethernet connections, and interface with the base station through Ethernet cable are for the most part routers.

Equipped for offering more complex types of service than an AP/Wifi extension/Wireless range boosters.

For example, just a router can give routing. Range extenders and so on have no routing capacities, with the exception of maybe with the end goal of configuration.

What is an Ethernet Port?

An ethernet port is a port that is located on the backside of a computer or a laptop. A router generally has a few Ethernet ports to oblige different wired gadgets on a network.

Exactly the same thing is required for other network hardware like modems and center hubs.

 To get you something more you need, we’d like to inform you that you can plug in a cable that has the Rj-45 connector with an Ethernet port.

If you don’t have one, an alternative is to use a WiFi network instead of a cable. It’s more easily accessible and doesn’t need both the port and the cable for connection.

How does a WiFi Extender work with an Ethernet Port?

Firstly when we talk about what WiFi range larger or WiFi extenders are and how do they work, you ought to be familiar with certain normal terms.

WiFi extenders are normally known as WiFi reach extenders and Wireless range extenders.

Not many people moreover call extenders WiFi signal booster, WiFi repeater, or WiFi range wider.

They rebroadcast the sign of increasing the wireless connection of the network, so they resemble extenders yet work in a startling way.

A WiFi range wider is a wireless or wired device that broadens the extent of the sign your wireless router imparts.

Basically, a WiFi extender is kind of a flyover between the wireless gadgets and the WiFi router, when the gadgets or devices are out of the WiFi routers’ reach.

Typically it’s quite easy to connect WiFi extenders as they’re just “connect and play” devices. Also, it’s easy to set up and enable a WiFi extender to work with an ethernet port.

But first, you should know a few steps to connect a WiFi Extender.

How to connect WiFi Extender with a router by an Ethernet cable?

While the most optimal solution is to connect your WiFi Extender with your original WiFi router through WiFi itself. It has some drawbacks as well that you do not want to have on your WiFi network.

 The problems are like- 

Low speed of the internet, the signal losses occasionally, error connection occurs, and many more.

You simply need to recall that you should plug the link or cable into the input port, not the output port.

 Along these lines, the vast majority of the WiFi repeaters have an ethernet port on them that functions as an input port.

All you have to do is, interface an ethernet link to one of the output ports on your router and afterward associate that link or cable to the input port of your WiFi repeater.

 This thing will increase the connection between the extender and the router and you can appreciate a consistent perusing experience.

This would work excellently if there is more distinction between the router and extender and you are alright to have some wires laying here and there.

How to connect a Device with a WiFi Extender by an Ethernet cable?

If you want to increase the speed of your internet connection for any purpose, you can even pair it up or connect with an Ethernet cable.

You will see there are many ports on your WiFi extender. All of them are useful for you. You just need to interface with the ethernet cable or link to any of these output ports on the extender.

At that point, connect the opposite side of the link to the device. It’s ready for working perfectly as these ports are made for this kind of purpose.

Wifi Extender with Ethernet for Gaming :

Is your feeble WiFi connection disturbing your smooth interactivity? It’s high time that you should search for a usable WiFi range extender for gaming purposes.! You have to become familiar with this essential gadget.

A solid and consistent WiFi signal is each gamer’s fantasy, particularly when your online experience is frequently hindered by slacks and glitches.

Although it’s right that, range extenders can be useful for gaming on the off chance that you play slower-paced games not so influenced by slack and have an uncongested house network.

They might not function admirably for gaming if you play quicker-paced ping-delicate games. Or potentially have a bustling home network.

With bunches of finishing transfer speed requests. Furthermore on the off chance that you are very far away from the main router.

Wifi extenders (it’s also called a range extender or booster) are single fitting adapters that are basically connected to a wall socket.

or any power source which catch and intensify the WiFi signal from the principal router, ideally spreading better inclusion across a bigger territory.

The thought is basically that you improve WiFi gathering at distance from the router, providing a much stronger network connection for gaming.


Hopefully, you all might have gotten the fact of the WiFi extender/WiFi repeater/WiFi booster and how it works with Ethernet.

Of course, it decreases the amount of lagging and a weak internet connection and gives you a very smooth connection of the internet to the dead zone areas of your home.

You won’t regret buying one if you’re facing a low internet connection problem while chilling at the corner of the house. So yeah, you’re welcome.

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