Apple Airpods Pro Reviews in 2022

Top 5 Best Apple Airpods Pro Review For 2022: A Complete Buying Guide

Who wants to spend their valuable time fixing the twisting earphone wire?

Thanks to Apple for its breakthrough in the earphone section. Now, the earphone offers no wire attachment, you can easily take that out of the box and put it on your ear.

Well, that scenario took place a few years ago, now Apple brings the latest update in their existing Airpods. Some of the notable updates are noise cancellation and an in-ear microphone that helps improve communication.

Not only that, the button design also offers a better fit. Hopefully, those may be appealing, but if you want to explore more let’s dive into the best Apple AirPods pro review for 2021.

A comparison Chart between the top Apple AirPods pro:

Product NameItem WeightConnectivity systemItem DimensionBest For
Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired)3.5 ouncesWireless0.65 x 0.71 x 1.59 inchesBest For its handy enhancements with H1 chip
Apple AirPods Pro1.6 OuncesWireless0.94 x 0.86 x 1.22 inchesBest for its Sound quality with Spatial Audio
Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case2.4 OuncesNFC, Bluetooth3.98 x 3.98 x 1.34 inchesBest for its Portability
Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds0.63 OuncesNFC, Bluetooth‎10 x 7.87 x 11.02 inchesBest for its excellent build quality
Apple AirPods Pro with AppleCare+ Bundle1.80 ouncesWireless1.78 x 0.85 x 2.39 inchesBest for its Multifunctionality

Apple AirPods pro review for 2021

Here we have brought the top 5 products for you. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired) – Best For its handy enhancements with H1 chip


Completed with a wireless charging case, the new AirPods offer new wireless headset capabilities. Just bring them from their suit, and they are set to utilize with your Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad.


Don’t like the design of AirPods? Apple doesn’t care. The new headphones are aesthetically identical to their predecessors. In terms of design, there isn’t much difference between the second-generation AirPods and prototypes.

The long earbuds and the charging case in the pillbox look pretty much the same. Although the new charging case now has a tiny LED light on the front. Allows you to check the charge status of the buttons: green when fully charged, and orange when not.

Sound Quality

Apple has permanently opted for a natural and reasonably neutral sound balance in its products, and the new AirPods are no exception.

There is no artificial bass boost or triple boost. You feel like you are listening to music with little or no manipulation, and we are always very grateful for that.


Apple says the new H1 chip makes it even faster, but no AirPods will keep you waiting. Switching between devices now seems to be faster, although you need to access the Bluetooth settings every time. It would be nice to connect more than one device simultaneously; this feature works great on the Bose QC35 II.

Build Quality

AirPods have been improved even in areas where they already stood out. Apple decided not to face some criticism regarding the original model, including the app.

While the one-size-fits-all approach is commendable, for anyone who has AirPods comfortable enough for running or cycling, there is another who can’t get them even with the slightest movement. Besides, It has the tight integration between hardware and software, which Apple still excels at.

My experience with it

These Apple AirPods are fantastic. They consequently play a sound when you place them in your ears and stop when you take them out. A basic twofold tap while paying attention to music permits you to hop forward.

Change the volume, change the number, call, or even get directions to say “Hello Siri” to actuate your #1 individual right hand.

Furthermore, when you call or converse with Siri, a discretionary accelerometer with double emanating amplifiers sift through foundation clamor and conveys clear, steady transmission of your voice.

In addition, they give five hours of listening time on a solitary charge and are intended to keep you engaged with a charging case that can hold various additional charges throughout 24 hours of listening time.

Only 15 minutes, for your situation, allows you three hours of listening time or as long as two hours of talk time. I would prescribe it to anybody hoping to get it.


  • This is too Lightweight, which will provide you much compatibility.
  • Its Reliable battery life ensures you excellent performance without worrying about chargers.
  • Faster connection on iOS devices will save your time.
  • The Airpods automatically connect with your iPhone when you open the lid close to the phone.


  • You have to pay extra money for the wireless charging case version.
  • Their sound hasn’t improved as people expect.

2. Apple AirPods Pro – Best for its Sound quality with Spatial Audio


If you use an iPhone and are trying to use wireless headphones, the Apple AirPods Pro can be an excellent option. Also, the noise-canceling option is functional and neat, and the total design and sound improvements are fantastic, although they are pretty expensive.


Apple has designed their AirPods Pro with an “innovative ventilation system” that balances the pressure in the ear to minimize the hassle of other interiors. Apple claims that AirPods Pro is made to make you feel like you have nothing in your ears.

Sound Quality

Apple took the same business approach as its other products, opting for clarity and neutral tonal balance despite heavy bass.

However, performance changes slightly when noise cancellation is enabled. Surprisingly, AirPods Pro now has spatial audio capability thanks to a firmware update that brings immersive Dolby Atmos audio to true wireless headphones.


Like many Apple devices, AirPods Pro connects directly to your iPhone or iPad. It would help if you opened the lid to start. We say: you need to make sure your device runs iOS 13.2 or later to get what Apple calls “all the advanced features on offer.”

Once turned on, AirPods Pro will automatically connect to your phone and any Apple devices associated with your iCloud account. This way, you don’t have to connect your new headset to other Apple devices constantly.

Build Quality

At the heart of the whole experience is the same H1 chip built into the second-generation AirPods. It is already known for its flawless wireless networking and fast pairing.

With the H1 chip, the Apple Voice Assistant can also be invoked using the “Hey Siri” command and activated by pressing one of the executives. In particular, the headphone battery life is five hours, with an additional 19 hours from the charging case.

My experience with it

This is great in one word. There are numerous NC earbuds out there. However, AirPods Pro is truly outstanding at this moment. I had QC 30, Bose QC earphones, Sony WF-1000XM3.

However, the AirPods Pro is excellent. Bose QC earbuds have a better solid and battery life, however twofold that of the AirPods pro.

So while Airpods pro might not have the best NC quality, battery, or sound, it’s incredible. Vital NC, Solid SQ, noteworthy availability and reconciliation with other Apple gadgets, spatial robust strength, little charging case, excellent call quality, and so on. This is the best in the market.


  • It still comes with a super portable charging case which will provide you a lot of facilities.
  • This AirPod has an excellent sound quality with spatial audio features.
  • It is exceptionally comfortable to use.
  • The vital noise-canceling feature will help you to get pure sound.


  • Some users claim its high price.
  • The design still looks dull to some users.

3. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case – Best for its Portability


Suppose you want to pay attention to music or web recordings. In that case, the new Airpods are a decent decision as the association never drops, and the battery life is longer than the past adaptation. You can likewise remotely charge the case utilizing any Qi remote charger.


Apple is the king of quality manufacturing and design and still belongs to AirPods. The charging case, although plastic, is lovely. It’s lightweight and serviceable enough to fit in your pocket.

This is acceptable because you need the case to be with you consistently, regardless of whether you mean to store the buds when not being used. The new AirPods (or AirPods 2) look and have a similar form.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, nothing has changed between the original AirPods and the second-generation model. Although they sound a little harsh when it comes to high-frequency sounds, they sound lively and powerful and are not the best bass headphones on the market.


Associating with your iOS gadget is pretty much as simple as tapping Connect to Map that shows up on your device. When you interface with one gadget, you likewise associate it with all gadgets in your iCloud account.

You additionally have complete admittance to every one of the gigantic iOS sensors and highlights.

Likewise, the new AirPods accompany another H1 chip (refreshed from the past W1 chip), so you can utilize the expression “Hello Siri” to enact your sans hands voice colleague.

Build Quality

With a new software architecture, algorithms, and H1 chips, these AirPods better recognize your voice and suppress wind and ambient noise. The new AirPods have made the challenge in both tests easier and turned into an enjoyable conversation.

As well as the longer battery life on phone calls, Apple has also improved call quality.

My experience with it

I was hesitant about buying AirPods for a while. I recommend buying AirPods if you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone.

It connects very well with both devices and switches seamlessly between the two devices. The sound quality is decent. I didn’t have to use AirPods at maximum volume to reduce noise.

I am also amazed at how well they fit in my ear. I have tiny ears, and I was glad to such an extent that they provided my ear without uneasiness.

Long battery life is possible with these headphones, which is ideal because AirPods 2 have the best battery life and battery life.

Overall, AirPods are a good investment for wireless headphones.


  • This is a tremendous portable-friendly item with its lightweight.
  • Better battery backup than the early model with H1 chip
  • The sound is clear-cut, complete, and amazingly elaborated, without intense bass or weariness highs.
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0 for a powerful and faster connection


  • Some users face difficulty with its perfectly fitting issue.
  • The sound quality could be better.

4. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Best for its excellent build quality


The Powerbeats Pro is Apple’s first pair of fully wireless fitness headphones (via Beats). It’s like a standard wireless headset with a severe case of gigantism. Moreover, it offers excellent sound and seamless iPhone integration in a discreet package.


Apple’s Beats Powerbeats Pro is an example of flawless design for a suffering product category. This new age of Powerbeats works insightfully. It’s anything but a cross-area with batteries for each catch.

However, it is currently significantly more coordinated into a durable bar that curves to fit around the rear of the ear. Apple has additionally steadily relaxed the area around the ear to make it more agreeable and delicate on touchy spaces of the body.

Sound Quality

Objectively, Powerbeats Pro sounds … pretty decent. Sure, there are some challenges in designing true wireless headphones that address some of the sound quality issues.

But overall, the new Beats headphones offer an easy-to-use sound that won’t ring in your head. On robust instruments, vocals, exceptionally high notes can sometimes sound a little quieter than the rest of the song.


True wireless earbuds are rare these days as their sound quality is often highly dependent on the phone you are using.

Beats work much better with Apple devices than Android phones because of the Bluetooth encoders used and the H1 chip hidden inside. Without such a chip, your phone is likely to have minor noise and lag issues.

Build Quality

In Powerbeats Pro, the emphasis on the Beats bass is much more refined as it serves as an excellent sweetener for instruments and vocals.

Male voices sound somewhat more profound and princely than they are, making the overall sound signature of professionals more enjoyable. If it weren’t for this extra premium tip, I would seriously recommend them as headphones for all occasions.

My experience with it

We pre-requested these earphones before perusing the audits as I was frantic for a decent pair of earphones. In my 30 years of presence, I have never been happy with earphones. Perhaps I have the most bizarre ear shapes since nothing fits.

Possibly they slip or get harmed, or both. Battery life and sound quality are brilliant. In any event, during HIIT, the earbuds stay set up, and their perspiration obstruction improves them more than Apple AirPods.

The charging case is somewhat massive, yet that doesn’t take away from the worth of these earbuds. Indeed, it’s costly and could cost $ 50 less, yet it’s actual!


  • This type is ideal for any exercise as it is incredibly portable.
  • It has good sound insulation, which will provide you with authentic sound.
  • It comes with a vast sound station to give you the natural feeling of true wireless headphones.
  • Surprisingly, it is water and sweat-resistant.


  • High-frequency energy can be exhausting during long listening sessions.
  • Some users have problems with the bulky charging case.

5. Apple AirPods Pro with AppleCare+Bundle – Best for its Multifunctionality


Apple AirPods Pro is an excellent wireless headset for iPhone owners. They sound great, noise cancellation is essential, and a secure yet comfortable fit means they’re great for sports, too. They may not be at the top of the list anymore, but there are still many good reasons to buy them.


A notable significant change is a new design, which is being replaced by a liner with silicone tips. Indeed, this is an important update that many will love right away.

The first two AirPods were sturdy plastic earbuds that sat in your ears like Apple’s virtual iPods. This design has worked well with AirPods, as evidenced by their great success.

Sound Quality

If you’ve tried Apple AirPods, you know what sound profiles you expect: very well balanced, but not impossible for low frequencies.

This headphone seal is critical to the bass boost, which is an excellent place for these headphones. It is narrow and straight but does not bloom.

Even when noise cancellation is off, you don’t need to turn up the volume to block out the metallic sound of a subway or the general importance of a busy street. In terms of music, Spatial Audio is also available for Apple Music tracks with Dolby Atmos.


Thanks to the Apple H1 chip, connecting AirPods Pro to iDevice is simple, fun, and beautiful. In the iOS settings menu, you can press and hold to switch ANC / Transparency to ANC / Off or Transparency / Off. Or you can use it as a Siri download on one of the buttons.

Automatic ear detection, which transmits sound from a device connected to AirPods ProPros when you put them in your ears, can be turned off. You also change the microphone settings.

Build Quality

Surprisingly, the stem is shorter than previous AirPods and now has a small notch. Touch it, and you’ll find a built-in power sensor that lets you switch between ANC and transparency.

For fitness enthusiasts or heavy jerseys, the AirPods Pro is IPX4 rated. This means they are sweat-proof and waterproof, just like the Amazon Echo Buds and Powerbeats Pro.

My experience with it

I was already in love with the first-generation AirPods that I bought in March 2019. At first, I was disappointed when the AirPod Pro came out in October, but I ended up buying them and giving my old pair to my mom.

I love the noise-canceling feature, especially as it allows me to listen to music at a lower volume while still maintaining the same output volume. It also allows me to download music whenever I want.


  • It’s convenient and comes with an effortless control system.
  • It has a detailed and balanced sound that offers more reality.
  • This product is accompanied by a detailed description of iOS software integration.
  • Noise cancellation is efficient so that you can enjoy it in peace.


  • Battery life could be longer than users expect.
  • This item is best for Apple devices.

Should I Buy Airpods Pro?

In case you’re an Apple iPhone client who needs remote headsets, you’ll have the option to benefit from your AirPods Pro. These are the most evident remote earbuds for the iPhone of the most recent age.

Once more, assume you’re a genuine remote aficionado. You will cherish it, notably since the dynamic commotion-dropping choices on this sort of gadget are relatively uncommon except if you decide on the Sony, Beats, or Huawei models.

Plus, fitness rates and heart lovers will appreciate the fact that you know it sticks to your ears. And here, resistance to sweat is a significant advantage.

Notably, there are many AirPods pro clones available in the market; you should consider this. Happy buying! 🙂

For more clear understanding, read our full Apple AirPods pro review for 2021.

Is the AirPods Pro worth it?

This time around, Apple presented advanced remote advances in little bundles. The wireless headphone jack is smaller than the 1st and 2nd generation AirPods and includes sensors for control.

What a fantastic feature!

The Airpods pro-noise-canceling headphones have built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes. This allows for head control, which is usually found in high-tech gaming headsets.

Besides, the power sensor monitors phone calls, music, and switches between active noise cancellation and transparency mode. Plus, AirPods Pro offers more realistic surround sound.

If You are an athlete and read the previous section, you think it is not for you because you need to train, run, and swim.

Not! You’re wrong. And don’t worry. AirPods Pro is made for you with its ability to resist sweat and water. Acoustic design, perfect fit, and water resistance make AirPods Pro a sports or toy headset.

It is lightweight, small in size, and customizable to fit perfectly. AirPods silicone ear cushions are easy to carry and don’t automatically pop out of your ears.

AirPods Pro Sound quality

It has an Adaptive EQ that delivers superior sound quality and a powerful speaker driver. Moreover, the amplifier provides loud bass.

Apple AirPods Pro Price

You can buy AirPods Pro from the Apple Store online or Apple retailers for $ 249. Third-party sellers also offer AirPods Pro and sometimes provide discounts. Alternatively, you can get AppleCare + for AirPods Pro for $ 29, which covers two cases of accidental damage for $ 29.

AirPods Pro Warranty

Each new Apple item accompanies a one-year limited warranty, and Airpods Pro is no exemption. On the off chance that you pick the AirPods Pro Standard Warranty, you get it. A 1-year restricted equipment guarantee covers fabricating surrenders for AirPods Pro and doesn’t cover the harm.

AirPods Pro Battery Life

Apple AirPods Pro has enormous battery life. The remote charging case gives 24 hours of battery life. You can get 4.5 long periods of tuning in on a solitary charge and 1 hour of listening on a 5-minute charge.

AirPods Pro results from years of work on a reliable audio product if you want some of the best headphones in the Apple ecosystem.

Do AirPods pro work with android?

Are you suffering from an AirPods pro not connecting issue with your Android device? No more tension. If you’re utilizing an Android or Windows PC, the cycle is somewhat unique, even though it stays as before as past AirPods.

Simply press and hold the catch on the rear of the charging case to enter Bluetooth blending mode and discover it in your gadget’s Bluetooth settings. After matching, all will be well. You mustn’t get specific highlights if you use them with Android. Specifically, the programmed stop recognition doesn’t work while eliminating the headset from the ear.

Saying “Hello Siri” will not work. Luckily, the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency work and the extraordinary tension on the stem control this.

Do AirPods pro work with iOS?

Of course. Connecting to AirPods Pro on an iOS device is as easy as ever, even though you’ll have to refresh iOS 13.2 to associate. Fortunately, if it’s not cutting-edge, the principal thing that shows up on your gadget is a message you need to recharge.

When finished, the association is like blending with some other Apple sound item because of the H1 chip. A little guide will show up beneath, and you should simply click “Login.”

When they do, earbuds will match them with any remaining gadgets in your iCloud account also. The displayed map will provide you with helpful information, such as the battery life of the charger of both headsets.

Difference Between Airpods And Airpods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro does everything right, and it makes a beautiful and completed item. Strangely, I wouldn’t say the AirPods Pro succeeded in any class.

AirPods Pro consolidates a broad scope of excellent completions to take the best position in the general ranking. AirPods may have captivated clients, yet their prosperity is apparent, and with AirPods, Apple Pro has increased current standards once more.

What about Apple AirPods Pro Max?

If you love everything with AirPods Pro, but don’t see yourself with a proper wireless pair of earbuds, here’s a little something for you! New Apple AirPods Pro Max, also known as Apple AirPod pro 2.

After conducting our objective and subjective tests, we can confidently say that this is the ideal pair of active headphones that cancel out noise and have excellent sound quality.

However, they are still costly, and you can find many alternatives that work much cheaper as well.

You will get the Transparency Mode, Environmental EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, Spatial Sound, and even the same H1 chip for quick pairing. The AirPods Max seems to have many, if not all, of the same features as the AirPods Pro, but in a design covering the ear.

Final Verdict:

We’re incredibly impressed with the AirPods Pro’s ease of setup and sound quality. The Pro is more comfortable to use and sounds better than we expected from Apple, given previous experience with AirPods.

Not only are these headphones incredibly versatile, but they work well in just about any category.

Whether you’re a member of the iOS family or not, AirPods Pro is the best in-ear headphones on the market and will remain so until Apple decides to release a successor.

Finally, I hope this Apple AirPods pro review for 2021 will help you immensely. Have an excellent shopping trip! 🙂

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