Altec Lansing Rockbox XL Review

Altec Lansing Rockbox XL Review

A party without music is not enjoyable anymore in this modern day where managing a soundbox is a hassle. So, what can be a good substitute for music playing? You can have a Bluetooth speaker which is very easy to use, portable and features instant music. 

The Altec Lansing Rockbox XL Review will help you to know about this amazing Bluetooth speaker which has some cool features and different sound variations. You will get to know about the features and specifications of this Altec Lansing Rockbox speaker

A complete buying guide will help you to consider some major things while buying a Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, you will get some FAQs also from this article regarding the Rockbox XL. So, let’s start. 

Why Do You Need The Best Bluetooth Speaker?

Every day, technologies are introduced to the market with some already existing while some are just rumors yet to surface. Bluetooth speakers are one of those innovations that started as early as 2001 and are still taking on an uptrend today.

What makes this wireless speaker so popular? Why do people go for it despite having other traditional speakers around them?  The reason is simple, Bluetooth speakers are convenient. This speaker can be bought anywhere without having to worry about the wire getting in the way of your pace or it will not reach from one place to another. In this article, we will discuss more reasons why you need a Bluetooth Speaker.

The Difficulty Of Carrying A PC Speakers On Your Phone

There is nothing more frustrating than having your phone die on you while it’s playing a favorite track. It can be very difficult to carry around a PC speaker as well as bring bulky speakers with you wherever you go. Bluetooth speakers are perfect for those who want to have maximum portability without compromising sound quality.

In today’s world where everyone relies on a mobile phone, Bluetooth speakers come in handy. With a wireless connection of up to 33 feet, you can expect that there will be no connecting cables from your computer or phone to the speaker. You simply have to press connect on your device and it will be connected within seconds.

Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower Altec Lansing ROCKBOX XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Wight: 12 lbs.
Dimensions: 12 x 22 x 11 inches
Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wired
Brand: Altec Lansing
Waterproof: Yes
Shockproof: Yes
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Review of Altec Lansing Rockbox XL

This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for having some amazing features and specifications. Users are happy with the build quality and the sound quality along with the portability of this speaker. From this Altec Lansing Rockbox review, you will know everything about the Rockbox XL which will help you to choose it.


Wight: 12 lbs.

Dimensions: 12 x 22 x 11 inches

Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wired

Brand: Altec Lansing

Waterproof: Yes

Shockproof: Yes

Features at A Glance

  • For having a thumping beat and deep bass you will get front-facing woofers. Your party will be perfect by having this crystal clear audio output from this speaker. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is strong and no latency is found. Again, the Bluetooth connection range is up to 100 feet which is very cool for being the best wireless speaker.
  • It comes with 5 different LED light modes which will increase the level of enjoyment during a music party. The colored lights are synced with the music and can also show fade effects.
  • Google assistance and Siri commands are available for this speaker.
  • You can pair this speaker with your Bluetooth-enabled devices easily and it takes a very short time to pair.
  • A USB recharging facility is available and once you change your Bluetooth speaker it will offer you 20 hours of playtime. 
  • This durable speaker comes with IP67 waterproof which has made this product more usable in every situation.
  • For the snow falling areas, it also has snow proof features along with dirt resistance.
  • You can travel with this amazing speaker as it is so much portable and light-weighted. 
  • A smartphone can be charged through USB from this speaker which is very beneficial in emergency cases.  

Details About The Product

So, you have seen the features the speaker offers to you. It’s time to know about the details in a nutshell. So, let’s do it.

Outlook and Design

I’m happy to report that this little unit does not disappoint in any way. It is very well made and appears much more expensive than it actually is. The front faceplate has a brushed aluminum look that is very classy, while the rear is a solid piece of matte black plastic. 

The device can get warm to the touch after an hour or two of operation but it never becomes uncomfortable during use. There are 6 buttons on the front with 5 LEDs surrounding them for basic playback control and input selection.  On the rear, there is a selector knob that functions as an up and down selector for volume. 

There are also 3 lights above this selector to indicate playback mode (Off, Play, Pause). To the left of this selector is a three-position input switch that allows you to cycle through all available inputs (USB On The Go, USB, and Line/Phono). To the right is an output selector that allows you to switch between Speaker and Headphone/ Line-out. 

There are no gain switches, so if your headphone amp has this feature, you’ll need to adjust it by ear or with a multimeter. 

About the Battery 

The battery will get fixed with Rockbox. It is likely that you are using the player heavily, and I do too (when I’m not listening to headphones). The sound quality of the RockBox XL is also great, though a bit underpowered if you’re listening to FLAC encoded files at full volume for a long time. 

However, I believe that the main problem with the battery is neglect more than anything. For example, charging it on a computer (or USB charger) will cause problems, because most USB ports on computers don’t supply enough current to charge the player. A good AC adapter or car adapter must be used to charge or run the device properly.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speaker is very good as it provides the true sound. Again, I am very pleased with the bass of the speaker which is truly amazing. You can increase and decrease the sound level.
With turning up the volume you will see the lights are getting danced which adds a vibe to your party.  

Portability and Outdoor Use

POrtability and outdoor use of a product depend on the manufacturing design and weight distribution for that product. This Altec Lansing Rockbox XL comes with a comfortable design to carry it as it has a nice handle to grab. 

Again, for being light-weighted you can easily take it to any place at ease. So, outdoor use is easy for this speaker. 

What People Like on This Speaker

The users are happy with the sound quality and the portability of this speaker. Again, they have praised the lighting feature of this speaker which provides them a party vibe at night. 

What They Don’t 

For the heavy metal songs, the sound level is not suitable enough and some music lovers don’t like it.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Bluetooth Speaker

For most people buying a Bluetooth speaker is an easy decision. You go to Amazon, search for “Bluetooth Speaker” and then you sort through the hundreds of listings until you find one that looks good enough to buy. But if you are looking for something with better sound quality, more features, or higher build quality it gets harder to make a decision. Let’s try to help you to find the best Bluetooth speaker for your needs.

  • Light-weight or Rugged
  • Battery Life
  • Water Resistant and Sound Coverage
  • Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Speaker Control
  • Bluetooth Speaker Brands

Light-weight or Rugged

For most people, this is probably the first thing you are looking for. If you are buying a Bluetooth speaker for your next hike, you should always prefer rugged products over lightweight ones. Smaller-sized speakers are harder to break but they might not be able to survive heavy rain or snowfall during wintertime.

Battery Life

If you really value portability, battery life can be a deciding factor. You should also consider that your speaker is going to work with different charging sources. If you want to use your own power banks or solar panels, make sure that all of them are compatible with the device. Some speakers come with rechargeable batteries while others require replaceable batteries.

Water Resistant and Sound Coverage

Before you buy a Bluetooth speaker it is important to know what kind of environment the speaker will be in. 

If you want to take your speaker outside or you need something for the kitchen or bathroom, it is important that the speaker has at least IPX4 water resistance (which means it can withstand splashes of water).

If small room size doesn’t matter, you should focus on sound quality. The best speakers will cover your whole house with great-sounding music.

If you want a speaker that can go loud and sound good doing it, you should check the specifications on max volume. The loudest Bluetooth speakers are usually big tube-shaped ones or Party/DJ-style speakers with lots of drivers inside them. If the high volume is important to you make sure the speaker has enough power to handle your needs.

Sound Quality

After you know what kind of environment your Bluetooth speaker needs to survive, you can focus on the sound quality. There are a lot of different aspects that affect the sound quality, so it is difficult to understand which speakers have better sound. Some people want more bass from their speakers no matter how distorted the music might get and others want really clear and crisp high frequencies. These are the main aspects that make a speaker sound better:

Max volume levels of the speaker Distortion at higher volumes Speaker size Driver types, there is a difference between drivers that have paper or plastic cones Type of enclosure, usually ported enclosures give more bass than closed cabinets Passive vs active radiator, some speakers can have a huge difference in sound just by changing the passive radiator.

Comfortable Speaker Controls

Most people use Bluetooth speakers for phone calls, listening to music, and watching videos. In order to make these tasks easier, Bluetooth speakers should have easy-to-understand buttons for controlling the volume and changing the song. It is even better if the speaker has a microphone so you can answer your phone calls directly from it without having to take out your phone.

Bluetooth Speaker Brands

A lot of people think that all Bluetooth speakers are the same because the really popular ones are cheap. The top brands have put a lot of money into developing high-quality products so they can charge premium prices for them. 


1. How big is the RockBox XL? 

– It is the exact same size and weight as a stock Xbox 360 Slim. 

2. How many watts is the RockBox XL?

– The RockBox XL is a 1.2-watt amplifier.

3. What charger does the RockBox XL use? 

– The RockBox XL uses a standard Samsung phone charger input (5V, 1A). It comes with a cable and 5 adapters for other countries (UK/Europe/US/AU), but you can use your own USB cable+adapter if you like.

4. Is there a volume limit?

– The amp has been tested at maximum volume and the sound did NOT distort. On full power, the max volume was 96dB measured outside of the case at a distance of 0.5 meters from one end to another end of the speaker.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have found this  Altec Lansing Rockbox XL Review helpful and you are willing to buy one for your use. This Altec Lansing Rockbox xl portable Bluetooth speaker reviews have shown everything about this specific speaker. People love to use this speaker at their home and working place to make a party. Again, you can also use this as a power bank as it has the feature to charge your smartphone. 

Before you buy a Bluetooth speaker you need to go through the buying guide and recommendation section so that you can buy the suitable one for you.

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