Air Cooler Operating Instructions

Air Cooler Operating Instructions To Use

Still confused! with your brand new Air cooler? I mean yeah it’s obvious for the first-timers to get confused about its uses.

But hey! We are here to assist you with air cooler operating instructions conquering the issues you face simply in a couple of basic advances.

Take a look at our air cooler operating instructions and try following the words.  Starting with the basics of it,

 What is Air cooler?

 An air cooler is an electronic device that reduces the air temperature inside of your room to give a fresh, cool vibe and chills during summer days.

or when there is excessive hotness around your area. It ordinarily works by broadening the surface district or growing the movement of air over the thing to be cooled, or possibly both.

 Can an Air Cooler Cool the Room?

 Clearly, yes! The air cooler is made for this. Air coolers are the best home apparatus answers for the intolerable summer to cool our home.

In examination with a forced-air system, they are consistently the leader with regards to reasonable, Eco-friendliness and sound alternatives just as.

Some air coolers work on the basic air moving framework. Where hot air is pulled from an external perspective.

And bigger cooling cushion regions make it cool when it goes through the wet cooling cushions. 

The dissipation of water through these chilling cushions assists with bringing off the temperature of the air, which is vacuumed out by the fan or blower all through the room.

All air coolers have the same working component, the lone distinction is an innovation utilized in planning and activity.

Not many air coolers use honeycomb cooling cushions and dura siphon innovation for upgraded cooling. 

What is Evaporative Cooling? 

Evaporative cooling is a system of interaction for air moving upon the water. At the point when water vanishes, it sucks a portion of the warmth out of the air.

This is the reason the breeze feels so chilly when it blows in from the ocean. Air coolers are otherwise called evaporative coolers.

Since they utilize this normal cycle to cool the air, giving you a seriously reviving breeze.

 Air cooler User Guide|Air Cooler Operating Instructions

 Over the most recent couple of years, the system of air-coolers has been discernibly improved while their sizes have decreased extensively.

In any case, the essential standard of characteristic evaporative cooling stays unaltered.

 The evaporative cooling head, basically, is taking hot air in and going it through wet wood wool or honeycomb pads of the air cooler.

And now as you have decoded the essentials of air coolers, follow these basic points to ensure that your new air cooler works all the more productively in this appalling summer season. 

  • Do place your air cooler in a room where you can find a proper ventilation system to enjoy a better service of the air cooler. Good ventilation is needed for pushing the humidity out of the place.
  •  It would be even better if the cooler is put before the window. It will evaporate the hot air into cool air fast. 
  • Do not forget to add some water or maybe some ice. It’ll give you a chilling experience. 
  • Of course, clean the air cooler before using it. Just give a check to the water tank and clean the blades of the cooler for a dust-free experience.
  •  Air coolers should be in a protected spot and you ought not to meddle with them. In need, you must carry the cooler with care.
  •  Take a moment to cool down the cooler. While doing so, fill the water container with water. After filling the water tank, you can turn on your air cooler. 


Follow these guidelines, to receive the best in return. If you face problems (like filling the water or ice) with its use, we can also help you with that too.

 How to fill Water in the Air Cooler? 

Typically, all coolers have the same function or maybe a little different but not more. The common process of pouring the water is right below-

  • Ok, so the first step is that, plug out the current plugins and make sure by checking it twice.
  • Next, you’re gonna prepare some clean water to fill the tank.
  • Now, you can open the water channel and start pouring the water in. (Remember to choose the water bucket which is shaped like a teapot or similar to it because it can easily let the water in without falling on the ground)
  •  While pouring water, check the water level indicator as you can add water to it in between a minimum and maximum level.
  •  Now close the inlet door and plug it in the power outlet.

 By using the remote, you can now handle the rest and can enjoy the cool environment. To change the water again, repeat the earlier steps.

Stand by a moment, what will occur if the water tank gets harmed? Or you face any situation where you can’t pour water into the cooler? Can we use the cooler without water? Let’s see. 

Air cooler without water filling?

 This relies upon the air cooler you have. Most use a type of water siphon that can be harmed on the off chance that you run it without filling the tank.

Regardless, some air coolers have a cool catch that allows you to swap between the air cooler mode and a “fan-only” mode.

Exactly when you press that button, the water siphon shuts off, which implies you can utilize it as a normal fan.

This is useful for those occasions or seasons when it’s not exactly hot enough to activate that additional cooling power. 

All in all, in the event that you have this inquiry as a top priority, “How can I use an air cooler without water? “, just don’t worry.

Plugin the cable of your air cooler to the power source. When the cooler is on, press the fan button. That’s it! 

How to use an air cooler with ice? 

As you know, air coolers are utilized, either with or as a substitution for air conditioning systems, to cool the home.

Sometimes, these air coolers can be utilized related to unique ice boxes to make the air significantly cooler.

In the event that you wish to utilize the ice with your air cooler, you can do so effectively with the icebox embellishments that come with the cooler.

To use ice, keep an eye on the following steps-

  • The first important thing is, take your ice cooler boxes and set them in the fridge.
  • Wait until they get frozen. When it’s done, take off the frozen icebox.
  • Then, you have to press the button of ice which is located on the upper side of the air cooler
  • Press and open the door. Put the ice cubes in the ice container there and close it. 


Like as we mentioned before, turn the air cooler on. You’ll feel the cool wind after a few minutes. It’ll last long, maybe about 4 to 5 hours? It certainly depends on the number of ice cubes you put in. 

How to use an air cooler in a closed room?

 Perhaps the most productive method of utilizing an air cooler is to give appropriate ventilation to it in the room.

The regular misinterpretation is that air coolers, similar to air conditioners (AC) work proficiently, on the off chance that they are put in closed spaces.

The best spot to situate your air cooler is directly before the window.

 Additionally, a question that comes to mind, can we use an Air Cooler in a closed room? You can utilize a cooler in a closed room.

Yet ensure that you don’t put your cooler inside the room, since this will make the room humid at a high range and will give you no advantage of cooling.

In any case, in the event that you really notice the temperature inside and outside will be something very similar with greater humidity inside making it more like a hypersensitive environment.

 Best air cooler for closed room: 

It’s important to note that not every cooler is good for a closed room. So, we here listed some air coolers which can be used when the room is closed.

We selected the five best air coolers which have some special features-

  1. Costway Air Cooler and Heater. 
  2. Evapolar Evalight Personal Evaporative Air Cooler.
  3. Honeywell CS071AE Quiet, Low energy, Compact Portable Evaporative Cooler.
  4.  Evapolar Evachill Personal Evaporative Air Cooler.
  5.  Costway Evaporative Cooler.

 You can choose yours from these to enjoy the best service of a cooler. 

How to reduce humidity in an air cooler

The best way to deal with hold this back from happening is really essential. The only thing you have to do is, open a window to allow dry air to come in and the moist air out.

You can likewise make a way to make a cross-draft. It will assist to keep the air in the room sufficiently dry and allow the unit to make cold air.

More often than not, when this straightforward arrangement is uncovered, individuals are amazed that they should give hot air access; that would make the room hot, correct?

Truly, the room is really going to stay cool on the grounds that the unit is as yet impacting unconscious air.

It helps to keep the temperature in the place cooler than it would be something different. This truly manages the job competently.

So in the event that you have an evaporative cooler that you’re concerned isn’t working, attempt this prior to getting rid of the problem.

 How to clean the air cooler?

 Air coolers are ideal for environments that are warm and dry since they add a great deal of moisture to the air.

Clean the filter and water tank noticeable all around the cooler after about regular intervals of use.

Though, you need to carefully clean your air cooler. And to do so, we referenced the way toward cleaning step by step;

  • First, check and make sure that your air cooler is unplugged from the power socket. 
  • Then, carefully open and remove its filter and water container/tank.
  • You need to clean with some warm water and a spoon of dish soap.
  • You have to scrub it until it looks clean. 
  • Rinse with normal clean water and wash the water tank. 
  • Then, dry the tank with a dry towel. 
  • Again, rinse the filter off with normal clean water to avoid any kind of dust or germs.
  • Place it in an open spot to dry the filter totally.
  • Now, with a normal clean cloth, wipe down the other exterior parts of the cooler and place the filter and water tank into their place. 

This is the manner by which you can clean your air cooler. Again reminding you that, you’ve to be very careful with cleaning the cooler.

And after cleaning it, you can enjoy the dust-free air at any time. 

Air cooler vs Air conditioner: 

You may think so as the two of them blow cool air out into a room, however, they’re quite different from each other! 

Air conditioner units utilize refrigerant gas to rapidly cool the air a similar way your refrigerator does, so they give a super cold impact on air.

The drawback of this is that the hardware expected to do this is bulky, weighty, and of course expensive! 

On the other hand, air coolers utilize a characteristic cycle called evaporative cooling to cool the air. Therefore, they don’t utilize any perplexing hardware.

This implies they cost considerably less and are more modest, lighter, and more convenient! They additionally use a whole lot less power, so they’re eco-friendly and modest to run.

Although, they don’t have similar cooling power as an air conditioner and you also shouldn’t expect that they should, yet they actually give a very sizable amount of chill to most of the places like homes and workplaces.


 However, if you want a device that gives a great service of cool air, also in your budget. You must choose an air cooler for your home or office. You should have your own choice of air cooler at your place.

But, you’ve to maintain it very often as you don’t want any damage to your cooler. I guess now you know how to handle and marina your air cooler. Enjoy!

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